Be a Princess Christmas Princess in tam.tam!

Princess Christmas


Christmas is magical! At Princess tam.tam is even better. Until January 18, the lingerie brand pampers and offers custom pants so cute! Discover the creations of the artist duo Mel and Princess KB at tam.tam.

Christmas is poetic and magical at Princess tam.tam and in addition, it runs until January 18 at Princess tam.tam. The lingerie brand offers the wonderful creations and Mel signed Kio.

Princess Christmas

” Christmas Princess , “” A very small party outfit “or” Blow it “, you will find a limited edition of 300 panties. tam.tam Princess In collaboration with the artist duo embarks on lingerie . In total, 12 are romantic and poetic motifs that are available.

To decorate your below, simply choose your template, customize it with the drawing or message created by the artists for the occasion and completed by entering your height.

Hop, the pants in the bag with a few clicks!

Mel and KB, who are they?

If you do not know the story of Mel and KB begins with a meeting. That is a surgeon (Mel) and a goddess of words (KB). Passionate, they created a unique graphic universe, made of words and signs and filled with emotions. They offer a collection of stickers Poetic Wall.

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