BB Cream Garnier

BB Cream Garnier


The new Garnier cream contains in a single gesture of true beauty ritual, the bb cream is a skin perfector for those with limited time.

We’d love to have time to do thos ‘procedures’ for proper care of your skin, these real rituals allow us to fully that take care of ourselves. In some parts of the world to care, to make gestures of every day is to real cult rituals and these asian inspired to Garnier was created for this product that fulfilled of beauty procedures.

He decided to create a product, however, to use in our time, where you do not have their time and above all at an affordable price. The BB Cream, skin perfector, contains 5 principles in a unique formula, moisturizer that contains a single gesture, a ritual of beauty that might otherwise be difficult to be able to do every day.

BB Cream Garnier

Garnier’s great innovation is to be successful in only 5 that results to enclose a product is:

  • Unify the complexion
  • Illuminated
  • Hydrate for 24 hours
  • Reduces imperfections
  • Protection from uv rays

All thanks to bb cream, all make-up and skin care.

The blemish balm comes originally from korea, has arrived in Europe become widespread and has-been perfected for all skin types in what is now the product of Garnier. If a woman to take care of your skin using an average of seven products (serum, a moisturizer, an anti-wrinkle, cream colored base with in this solves…), all in thirty seconds, in a practical, simple and immediate result.

The application of bb cream to hide skin imperfections such as pores or fine lines of expression or slight redness sometimes appear and that which is hidden thanks to a special texture contains specially formulated pigments that that give brightness and lightness in greater allowing the skin to be uniform and illuminated at the same time.

This formulation is completed by a set of moisturizers leaving the skin to breathe properly and keeping it hydrated all day. The uv filters inserted defend the skin should be protected in winter from the harmful rays of the detail we find the sun.

BB Cream Garnier

In the hyaluronic acid to maintain hydration and elasticity of the skin, lipidure that the family of synthetic polymers allows to that particular hydration without dials allow you to standardize and reduce the color imperfections. The uv filters give an spf 15 formula for complete protection.

There are two shades, one for medium skin clear and the other for medium-dark, the tube is 50 ml and the recommended price is € 8.99.

The tests

Definitely the consistency of the bb cream is very pleasant and spreads easily, the color should be clear for me the medium for a natural effect, but I tried the darker also to give me a little ‘more colorful and I must say that I liked the most, clear on that I should have put a little blush. The effect is pleasant certainly, all in one, so you save time and money too much.

The only thing and I depend on my skin because I have the nose and chin area more fat, which effectively in mid-afternoon, this ‘clarity’ gave me some feeling of discomfort, a little greasy. But I also found this other thing; if you travel or if you have an evening of improvised, have the bb cream is a true ‘pass-par-tout.’ Garnier, why not go for maybe traveling versions of ‘thumbnail’?

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