Wicks Californian: By Francesca Camps

Wicks Californian


No doubt, the wicks blond California surfer with some end points are liking it a lot, have a length hair, loose, long, with waves or curls.

No matter the type of hair you have, the fuses Californian, also called degraded, are one of the clearest trends for spring-summer season, you have a base color hair blond or brown. With this technique you are looking for the sun’s effect on hair, the strands are rinsed looking almost burned reproduce the typical blond surfers. With this technique, the hair becomes infinite shades of color and a natural luminosity.

The chic this summer
California Wicks has become the chic that will be this summer.

This style of locks comes from France and as its name suggests, gives the hair a touch studied blonde surfer type characteristic of the beaches of California. Beach To achieve this effect, degrades the color from root to tip, thereby producing a darker hair at the root, which naturally will clear up to a maximum blond at the tips, as if it were a color achieved the natural sun.

California Wicks can be applied with a comb, sponge or foil. The success of this technique is that it can be applied regardless of the base color of the hair. It is spectacular even and half manes manes of dark hair, with more natural results than traditional locks. But beware, not all of it, these strands should be studiously neglected discolored, type the leading Bundshen Giselle, Cameron Diaz and Martina Klein.

One of the advantages of fuses Californian root is that the effect becomes unimportant, which greatly simplifies the process for hair to be dyed regularly in Germany. Furthermore, the effect of these strands is degraded immediately, the mane is illuminated with an immediate sunburn that sits so well most of us. Now if only spring arrives to accompany our new locks with a tan skin tone that makes you feel a little more attractive and above all, make us forget the long hard winter.

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