Ultraviolet rays of the sun .. Kulailha useful and many of them harmful and fight

Ultraviolet rays of the sun


Known UV English: Ultraviolet, an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength shorter than visible light but longer than x-rays. Called ultraviolet because the wavelength of the color purple is the shortest between the colors of the spectrum, as the wavelength range between 10 nm and 400 nm and energy between 3 eV and 124 eV.

No ultraviolet radiation in sunlight, emitted by electric arcs or black light, and because they ionizing radiation, which separates electrons from their atoms, they may cause a chemical reaction and make a lot of material glowing. We have a lot of people realize the negative impact on the body caused by the «hit the sun».

The discovery of these rays to see the science that silver salts become darker when exposed to sunlight, have noted the German Ritter, Johann and Welham, in 1801 that the rays are not visible, wavelength shorter than violet lead to change the color of paper silver saturated chloride fired upon label «X-oxidizing» emphasizes the interaction of chemical and distinguishes it from the «warm rays» located at the other end of the spectrum.

In the climate changes taking place in the world today, and height is striking in temperatures abound questions about the damage that can be caused to the sun the skin, especially that frequenting the beaches may be a resort almost the only resort of the most people to enjoy the leave of the hand and to escape the summer heat of On the other hand.

But despite the benefits of the sun which is to improve mood, strengthen bones, the drawbacks are many, and especially the incidence of skin cancer and premature aging and other diseases, which requires dealing with it very carefully, through the use of protective filters high and avoid peak times as much as possible.

There are two types of ultraviolet radiation are the (UVA) and (UVB) and type II specifically, not up to it only when there is a problem in the ozone layer, because this class is working on (filtered) in ordinary cases. While the cause in which exposure to UVB rays burn the skin, exposure to the UVA rays leads to skin aging, and the appearance of freckles and cancerous diseases.

That all means of prevention that protects the skin from the rays of UVB only, so the exposure to the sun vertical lead to the infiltration of a large quantity of these rays to the skin, because the rate of protection from the rays of the UVA provided by all kinds of creams prevention does not exceed 20 per cent, while wearing the hat and glasses and sit under the canopy provide protection ratio does not exceed the 30 per cent.

This means that the rate of protection provided by all these means combined does not exceed 50 per cent, so it is best not to exposure to the sun during this period at all, to avoid the costs of cancer and aging.

And proved to some studies, 4-3 (3 quarters) of the «inventory sun» in the skin acquired rights before the age of twenty and here, people who are exposed to the sun at this age, symptoms, negative left by the rays of the sun before the age of forty years.

But does this mean that it was too late for people who meet the study and that they are inevitably exposed to disease or cancer costs or the appearance of signs of premature aging?

Never, because of keeping the proportion of 4-1 the remainder of the (stock sun) can delay these effects. Therefore, parents must take responsibility, especially children who are not aware of these risks.

The sun burns the ordinary is not significantly hazardous, and can be avoided by using creams prevention, on the contrary to treat freckles, freckles because they are more difficult and expensive.

As for skin cancer, there are two types of it, the first affects children, one of the killer and the second type, «fake» does not lead to death and the discovery of infection at a later age, does not cause any complications. Therefore, it is necessary to visit a skin doctor when you see any black spot, «non-homogeneous color» appear on the body.

And warn of exposure to nailing industrial, or what is known (solarium) because its negative impact equivalent completely to the impact of rays of UVA, but nothing prevents the owners of skins white who are afraid of injuring their skin burns when exposed to the sun to gain bronze, rather than to a number of meetings (solarium) preparations, but after consulting a skin doctor.

Is very important a lot of drinking water, taking vitamins and anti-oxidant available in vegetables and fruit and exposure to sunlight, away from peak hours, taking care to prevent the use of creams, because the sun is very useful if we know how to avoid risks.

The sun for children… Vitamin does not compensate for the bones and the enemy is not a must.

For children, they need exposure to the sun at appropriate intervals, so that bodies can secrete adequate amounts of vitamin «D» is necessary for bone health.

According to the German pediatrician, Martin Vabic, it should be allowed to play outside and their heads, arms and legs open for half an hour during the afternoon in the summer months, so at least twice a week.

But not forgotten Vabic university professor, who heads the Institute of Pediatrics in Berlin, emphasized the need to prevent them from sunburn and skin burns when you let them play outside.

Because the body needs a certain amount of UV to produce vitamin «de», experts advise in cases of lack of this Afattiamin eat supplements to reduce the risk of osteoporosis in advanced age, although it is difficult to rely on changing the diet alone to compensate for the lack of Vitamin «de», the sun is the enemy must.

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