Nivea Vezaj new group .. The way to end the redness of the skin and feeding



Launched the Nivea Vezaj core group developed skin care dry to sensitive, to the skin fresh and features of this group richness with almond oil natural soothing and moisturizing In summary Alcalndula by soothing sensitive skin and intensifies, this structure of the group maintain the natural moisture balance and feed from the depths, which achieves more comfort and leaves your skin soft and supple.

The products are designed for moderate cleaning, filtration and humidification in particular, to meet the needs of daily skin care that Taathaj quickly without any damage by drought:

  • Face Lotion is a gentle lotion for the face with a mild cream based on deeply cleans the skin in the morning and evening is nice.
  • Soothing toner free of alcohol removes makeup residue and impurities, while maintaining natural moisture balance of skin and processed for the absorption of the Holy Day or night in full.
  • Cream Cleanser nutrients maintain the level of hydration of the skin and leave it supple and smooth. The new structure also contains a protection factor of 15 SPF sun protections, which gives ideal for sensitive skin from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Wipes clean the face gentle, with a combination of alcohol-free and rich in Aloe vera and Alheidramen and ultra-soft materials, used to remove all remnants of make-up and impurities gently, leaving your skin clean and moist.

And provides a honey mask to entertain the skin, oil-rich seeds Almakadimia and shea butter, moisturizing intensive and nutrients you need dry skin, ensuring and maintaining the smoothness of its glory during the deep moisturizing.

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