How to pluck eyebrows Review



Plucking eyebrows
Having perfect eyebrows is a very important part of the appeal of a look. Enhances the eye brows and it is important to pluck eyebrows either optimal results. If you pluck your eyebrows perfectly, we give you some tips before and we explain step by step how to form and get plucking perfect eyebrows.

First, if you have no previous experience is to check, either with a friend who knows how to pluck eyebrows, along with your usual beauty parlor. Remember that the hair of the eyebrows take three to six months to leave, and if you spend will have to cover your eyebrows with a pencil for a while.

To pluck eyebrows need some basic things: tweezers, scissors to shave a few eyebrows and an eyebrow brush.

Tips for perfect eyebrows waxed:

  • Start combing the eyebrows down and then up loose hairs to fall off.
  • Look carefully at how they are going to have. Remember it is better not to go.
  • Start at the bottom. Try manetener skin tight and always follows the direction of hair growth to remove it. So less irritating to the skin.
  • Start with the most obvious and shaping eyebrows shave, little by little.
  • If you shave the eyebrows causing pain you can apply a Cream of those used with children in their gums when teething, or cotton with a little alcohol. Avoid it during menstruation, as you will be more sensitive.
  • Works the eyebrows at the same time. That is, shaves an eyebrow in the shape you want in the bridge area and then moves to the other end rather than one after the other. So compare and plucking perfect eyebrows.
  • With scissors trim the longer hairs. Watch the top. This is the area that will help you shape your eyebrows waxed, but it is also delicate and if you mess it is difficult to solve.

A little trick is to help the first few times, with a white pencil to draw the shape you want to have before you start plucking eyebrows.

Will guide you. Also remember that is an area that is irritated, so avoid it just before leaving home. And if after shaving irritation eyebrow takes off, apply a cold compress.

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