Hairstyles Trends

Hairstyles Trends


The hairstyle like the makeup , clothing and accessories is very important part of your image, learn the trends this season and also easy to make at home… dare to changing your hairstyle this fall!

Horsetail is one of the most flattering trends and easy to perform this season. Already in summer have caused a furor, so easy and comfortable they are to do with almost any type of hair

Follow these steps to adapt your ponytail style:

  • Now in winter add a touch more sophisticated alisandote hair before, so that more careful look.
  • If you want a more youthful and relaxed you can get the high ponytail that you see above the crown.
  • If instead you want to give your look a touch of romance and classic, get the queue down, but not too much, which is comfortable to wear.
  • If you have bangs combed back and fix it with styling wax to fix it, or you can comb the side parted looks great!
  • If you have bangs but your hair is cut in layers, you can take a couple of layers of the queue to give a lighthearted touch to the ponytail.

Hairstyles Trends

Tip: Horsetail is also great when you have not had time to go to the salon to touch up your highlights or dye and you have lots of roots, making you comb your tail with the hair against the head and apply a little wax hairstyle so that it is subject and you’re done! You can take a couple of weeks, before you color again.

Collected casual
It takes a lot and is very easy, follow these steps…

  • Become pigtails, you can make them high for a more youthful look or lower for a romantic look.
  • Then wrap the hair around the pigtails like you’re doing a bun and secure it with a fork that is not seen, type bun.
  • Then, with a thin fork or comb to the line, pulls out a pair of strands to give the casual touch..
  • Sets the final result with a little hairspray or spray gel and is already!
  • Tip: If you have very thin hair can cardart queues before picking them up in the bun to give more volume to your hairstyle.

Collected classic
If you need to get a pickup classic but you’re not very skilled when it comes to make bows, this trend is for you, follow these steps:
Alisate hair as much as you can so that it is easier to master and for the more classic look.

Hairstyles Trends

  • Comb the line between, on one side or the entire back, as you like. (It is fine if you get a small scratch to the side and pick all the locks back)
  • Make a low ponytail.
  • Use a fork or rhinestone hair accessory you like to set the hair around the tail.
  • Set the hair with wax or spray gel

Tip: If your hair is very unruly hair can engominarte all against the head and then follow the same steps.

Not straight or curly
Hair this season is not carried or straight or curly, then how we comb?

Very easy, look this season is a casual look, with long hair and weathered medium to long..

How to do? Very easy… Follow these steps:

  • Alisa longest layer of hair, totally smooth.
  • The middle layer to smooth it first mold easily.
  • Get a wide roller rolled up and not too tight in the middle layer or use a curling shape but not very strong.
  • The shortest layer lacquer cups smooth it but the top of the head.
  • If you have bangs, smooth it with a medium-sized round brush for volume… do not lose and you’re done!

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