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A few days ago we opened the fall and turn to make cabinet changes: remove the clothes we had stored in boxes and bags to exchange for the now almost forgotten bikinis.

I do not know about you, but every season I make a list of items that will be it, guided by the websites and blogs that further consultation, so that in my path I do not go crazy shopping and save time by going shopping nail it.

Start with an oversize jersey, I love them! It is a pledge of which I completely love as a teenager. I remember always taking off his sweater to my father for me to stay big and end up . Now you do not.

If you prefer the casual, I suggest you combine it with leggings or skinny jeans and boots very tight flat cord. Specifically, I’ve noticed the proposal made by Zara respect: eight point as high neck, or down and super comfortable loose first.
Wrap up!

The coats for this season go through several styles. I opted for two that are totally opposite and I propose to two separate occasions.

First, the military-style parka and buttons. Yeah, like when we were teenagers. A garment that bypasses conventional fashion. Its fun and ideal for wear in very cold days without losing the style of the “fashionista” in you. Do not dismiss wear it with heels. That point men’s parka will give your look an interesting air.

The second coat I’ve signed this season is a piece of very straight lines with pockets and black three-quarter sleeves. I think it’s an elegant garment ideal for day to day if you like me to fix you must go to work.

Jackets and blazers
This year takes the skin and I defending animals, looking for the fake fur.

Now that the cold start can start getting clothes halftime. I’ve become infatuated with a red leather jacket biker type. Just do not like me had been closed, but open with a basic cotton T-shirt and jeans. Sometimes “less is more” and give prominence to a jacket like this will make you shine.

As for skins, I stay with a proposal (Sfera) with three quarters sleeve. Synthetic leather and elegant but very warm. In this case cut to the hip. I think combining it with jeans and a peep toe mink: a perfect blend to keep recharging the look.

Straight lines and elegant cut
If you have a minimalist style, do not miss the new vision for H & M with COS bet, you know its line of high quality. If you do not know, check out their website and if you live in Madrid or Barcelona, you’re in luck because there are already physical store!

In short, this fall I think go for the grays and again, for the navy.

But getting close to dark tones waving mixtures and fun combinations. Plant it into fall!

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