Draw your “dark” side in November



I prefer the summer, but I love the fall. I’m like; I see the positive side to everything. November is a month for my taste, bland, not much to do, it’s cold, we are just around the corner from the holidays and not much else and so it’s an ideal time to give a touch to your look and rock out your darker side, in the best sense of the word.

Checking my closet, I realize that I love black dress, but I’ve spent all summer prints (not many, but more usually) in beige, white and light blue. The truth is that I wanted to get my dark clothes, putting on my favorite cashmere sweaters (the peak neck black, navy blue turtleneck and green bottle, my latest acquisition, short-sleeved).

And this month is a month to play with the dark tones but giving a touch of glamor to your look. Let me show you five keys to get your dark side and seductive.

Look total dark
I love to wear black or navy entirely, but it is true that we must be careful with this kind of looks because, although very elegant, can put up years. To get along, always keep in mind that the colors have to match, ie you use the black top has to fit well with that of the bottom (the same for any dark color).

Ideally, one is clearer than another, because it is extremely difficult to find two dark colors in the same tone and provided they are of two different materials, unless it is a suit. Give a modern touch to this look with a fun color accessory. For example, I like getting my total look blue in tone shoes and makeup, or a total look black and red bag.

Dark makeup look
Par excellence the smoky eye. I love this makeup. That in itself is very important to a clean finish the area of the eyecup perfectly corrected and prefers to carry just a lip gloss.

Give light to your dark clothes
An accessory gold, either as a pendant, a burgundy patent leather bag … Use small pieces to give that point of light and glamor to your look.

Dark Accessories
Last year for Christmas I got Amazon black suede. It is divine; the truth is that it is the first bag I have in front. Being totally black, gives a touch of elegance to any look I love. The accessories with dark skin and are ideal to bring Glamour to yourimage. Loewe Sea or not, get an accessory before and see how you give eses dark and elegant touch to your look: a belt, shoes with socks very thick to elongate the legs, jacket…

Glamour dark inside
It is starting to get super sexy lingerie that usually bring in H & M for Christmas, so I have already made a set of semi-transparent dark black lace and absolutely glamorous …

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