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Why is your skin pale?
Show skin pale to anemia, says that “Doris Day” dermatologist in New York City and occurs when the lack of the body to the required level of iron, as well as the production of adequate “hemoglobin” for red blood cells responsible for the transfer of oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body and then the lack of hemoglobin leads to a pale facial skin and if you notice the existence of this case, you Fassaraei to consult a family doctor who will determine the test you need to measure the percentage of hemoglobin you have.

Treat sagging:
Slack refers to the lack of the presence of sufficient moisture or water in your body, so says Dr. “Day” and there is an easy way to test this method, namely: “Do you notice some contouring in your body especially your skin?”

If the answer is “yes” we recommend you quickly go to the doctor who will advise you need to drink plenty of water so as to prevent the existence of such contouring and eliminate it completely and other signs of a lack of moisture are dry mouth and fatigue and stress extreme, in this case doctors recommend eating eight glasses of water a day.

Take care treating acne:
Acne is a complaint shared by adults in addition to the youth in the beginning of the age groups, and have acne as a result of the secretion process of impregnation, the female may be generally acceptable but requires extreme caution when dealing with them as they occur as a result of unbalance in the secretions of sex hormones in adults and young people and be rationale of excessive weight gain and frequent presence of thick hair on the surface of the skin especially the face in a short period.

Do not forget mouth ulcers:
Produces painful canker sores for the lack of vitamins or minerals, especially zinc deficiency, in which case physicians are advised to consult the doctor’s concerned Bmdaoma to stand on this issue and determine the roots for their reduction and resistance in the future or a blood test to determine the cause of the problem.

And diagnosis of individuals who suffer from zinc deficiency and help them, it is advisable in many cases, increase their consumption of foods rich in zinc such as red beans, meat and nuts.

Discard the dark armpit:
Could become the armpit dark source of concern to women, especially during the seasons hot, as this problem from becoming more visible, but knowing the reason behind this problem and arms sufficient experience to address them through effective therapies can help you get rid of the problems which caused the armpit dark, but the effectiveness of these treatments is the only that will determine the extent of your ability to get rid of this problem.

On the other hand, the multiple problems of the skin can make us care more care of ourselves, is the discoloration of the skin a factor care of ourselves, especially with a link to dark spots by many factors abnormal and then there are many factors that help in the emergence of this problem, which is easy disposed of if there have the desire to control the habits and control.

The shaving of the most causes of the emergence of what is known Balabt dark spots him, and as long as the removal of hair from the surface of the grafts that are found below the surface of the arm to make his skin darker and fortunately, this is why it is easy to get rid of it and by following the simplest ways that can save you from hair who does not want it, which is the cause of dark skin and through the use of some simple products and specifically designed to get rid of this problem.

And despite the fact that most of us are well aware of the importance of peeling for the safety and health of skin, but we do not observe the required attention to those classes that are in the lower part of our skin.

And must take into account very well that the good peeling and rubbing the skin are the only ones they can be rescued from the dead skin cells that are the cause of discoloration of the skin color unwanted.

Rubbing and peeling skin armpit:
Fortunately also keep rubbing and peeling skin or what is known Balsnfrh once a week is important, a favorite and the great importance especially with the use of products containing lactic acid, which is the perfect solution to get the best results to get rid of these stains that harm the appearance of the skin, which does not make them appear normal form, which cause a lot of embarrassment to you each time trying them wear clothes that show through Abtk, so that most women who do not Tulane attention to these spots, do not wear only garments long and loose that will allow them to Tdaran nor does the Completed these defects.

The other reason is the emergence of these spots is to use deodorants and perfumes, which interact significantly with the skin Abtk and accelerate the appearance of dark color it in view of the compounds of chemical contained in these scents, deodorants, so you should reduce it as much as possible with the need to use the products against them, and that reduce the appearance of these spots and reduce the dark pigmentation of the skin color, which is not acceptable at all when it appears.

In spite of that we can able to get rid of this problem at home by following some simple instructions that we got rid of this problem through non-use of shavers and depilatories frequently or reduce them as much as possible while minimizing also deodorants, fragrances and perfumes but we do not give it enough attention, so the problem becomes worse go to the doctor to be inevitable in many cases.

Problems armpit during pregnancy:
There are also problems of pigmentation is not as serious as those that have been mentioned by the pigmentation of the skin armpit during pregnancy and after birth, which is to be more serious than those of species typical of the pigmentation of the skin armpit because of the activity of hormone-intensive in this period, which required her to go to the doctor as well as immediate need to get rid of them because these spots when they are left to become a problem for a long time, and make disposal needs to be more effort and suffering severe Thdhiraha that Madam So try as much as possible.

Home treatment:
The home remedies to get rid of spots armpit is to put lemon juice with the powder, turmeric and leave the armpit for 12 minutes as to these two elements the significant impact to get rid of the discoloration and pigmentation of the armpit, as is soda good use of Tkhalask of this problem and if you do not prefer to buy products that save you from these spots.

Do not forget to skin care, your eyes:
Does not prefer any woman and there is what is known spots of dark down her eyes, which occurs with more defects non-aesthetic and improve their appearance, where there are many reasons behind the emergence of these spots below the eyes of history of genetic, fatigue and high stress, in addition to lack of sleep, allergies, physical and emotional pressure and age, with exposure to sunlight, unbalanced diets, where these factors are responsible for the emergence of the Faculty of black spots below the eye and also lead to what is known as dark circles.

Tumors of the eyes:
The presence of “tumor” in the skin under your eyes may mean that you Tsthlkin too much salt, which is usually fraught with risks that could lead to high blood pressure and shows the doctors that there is a lot of salt results in more of the disciples, including: the salt push the body to retain more water, this can increase the blood volume, increased blood volume makes the heart work harder and this in turn could increase the pressure in the arteries, leading to high blood pressure.

Treatment of black spots and dark:
Next to natural remedies known and used to treat spots and dark circles, there is also a make-up which is the appropriate means and effective to eliminate this black spots and dark, which enables you to get rid of these stains and hide completely and that we will Bsrdha to you as follows:

First, in the beginning of the very important to get up moisten the eye area, and look for eye creams that contain vitamin k, where the vitamin k Ptkhalask of spots and dark circles and then you will need to select the abrasive manner that happen to you the difference you want and hide the dark spots completely.

Second: For many of the ladies they also prefer to add the rule to enable them to cover the dark spots, so when it is not abrasive and alone enough to bring the desired effect.

Where it is you want to add a cover of dry base with the addition of cream to the base so that the Quran is lighter than the base, as well as adding a light remover also to integrate the three components together and place the desired effect of these components so that the contact surface of the skin together.

Third: When you select the correct color and appropriate should keep in mind that the color of make-up which will put him on the Elimination of these spots is a key factor in making them, where the golden color is is the color most useful and influential in the disposal and elimination of these spots and dark circles.

Fourth: Avoid as much as possible with color removers or Alpink Rose, where the color yield the opposite result and converts these spots to gray so difficult to remove these stains.

Where it is important to choose the correct light abrasive, and it is wrong also choose a very mild abrasive, but in one case when a dark-colored stains deeper than the color of your skin.

Fifth: Use your fingers to add ways that will make-up do you use for treatment but gently and put them on national inland areas first.

Sixth: It is better to leave a few minutes on the abrasive dark spots, before the Valuation Bmzjh make-up with tools that will save you from the black spots.

Seventh: the cover of one of the abrasive enough, no more than Tstkhaddma cover so as to bring about the desired effect and the desired results.

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