Why I can not leave the long hair?



Not everyone gets to have a super long hair, but not cut it in years.

This may be due to curly hair, fine, it breaks … and it is in our genes the length you can achieve. Here are some tips to achieve their fullest potential.

Join these tricks and tips that can help your hair to grow … their full potential. But genetics commands, so do not expect miracles:

  • Use balms and masks to avoid possible to break your hair.
  • Protects the hair from the sun with either a cap or with specific products.
    Avoid using hot tools on your hair (hair dryers and irons).
  • Avoid pulling at the time to unravel. Best done in the shower, with a good conditioner … and with much patience!
  • Cut the ends at least twice a year, provided these are maintained and healthy (if not you should do it more often, but you will not ever have long hair!).
  • Do not go to sleep or if you pick the hair is wet.
  • Brush each night before bed. If you are easily entangled while sleeping, it’s best to make a braid and brush it well in the morning to be oxygenated.
  • Do not use rubber collectors or materials that can “cut” your hair. The best are coleteros clothes, bone skewers or forks.
  • Do not ringworm hair, do not be permanent and I smoothed it out the hard way. If no extra care with all of these manage to have super long hair, extensions will always be!
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