The new nail colors of shellac



If you know the insurance Shellac manicurewas anxious waiting for new colors. Well, finally we are also in Spain! Twelve new shades that will last up to 14 days.

Surely you know Shellac manicure, a new concept in your nail color that lasts up to 14 days! But today I speak of the colors of this new product category that is applied as a glaze, hard as a gel and is removed with acetone!

If until now there were 12 pitches (which could be combined together to form new colors), now expands his palette with 12 new shades that will make you vibrate, you have new white, ivory and neutral, a great tan, candy pink, red passion , seductive purple and black total. This palette complements the other existing twelve tones. Can you imagine the number of colors that can be created by combining each other?

But if you want to try and still do not know where to make your manicure Shellac, you only need to enter their, you can find the nearest location to your house when you offer this service.

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