The foundation

The foundation


Have you ever had to rescue a friend who had run the foundation ? Have you ever been distracted by a woman with poorly applied makeup? We’ve all had these moments and have probably been subjected to relentless eyes too. Maybe the problem is not in the makeup but the lack of knowledge about the makeup and purpose and who can feel guilty?

There are so many makeup bases to choose from: liquid, cream and cream-powder, mineral, hypoallergenic. And the list goes on.

The Foundation & its Purpose
The foundation is exactly what the word means: the basis of a beautiful face. The purpose of the foundation is to match the skin and hide imperfections. Its purpose is not to hide his face, highlighting the inevitable imperfections or draw attention to others. It is the elemental base on which are our best features.

Types of foundation
The base comes in three basic forms: liquid, cream and powder. With these three forms, have emerged based combinations such as mousse, cream-powder base, moisturizer base mineral color.

The bases may also contain specialized formulas to meet the needs of specific types of skin. For example, the basis for sensitive skin, the foundation for oily skin and the foundation for dry skin. There are even makeup foundation for rosacea, birthmarks and scars.

There are many types of bases to choose from, so let’s start with the main liquid, cream and powder.

Liquid foundations are great because they are easy to apply and give a very natural look. The foundation offers medium coverage liquid. They are good for dry skin because of its high wetting. Looking for liquid foundations that do not contain oil. Brands such as Clinique and Clarins have a set of bases made for all skin types.

Cream Base
The cream base provides excellent coverage without imperfections. The bases come in cream bar or makeup compact way. Applies quickly and easily. Cream bases are so versatile they can be used as a concealer.

With high moisturizing cream base is the perfect choice for those with dry skin. Looking moisturizing creams that contain a smooth finish.

The Arbonne bar based on botanical ingredients to improve skin quality. I recommend trying a product that is Cover FX. This base cream makeup is a compact way dermatologists recommend it for rosacea and acne.

Base Powders / Foundations-Powder Cream
The base powder is as loose powder or pressed powder. This base rate is often used to place a quick base on a face that only a little needs to be fixed for the night or to set the makeup already installed. It is an excellent choice for those with oily skin or to put makeup when there is high humidity in the environment. These bases combine softness and seamless coverage of a cream with dry powder and setting.

It’s a very good base for those with combination skin or for those who do not have enough time to make up. Every minute saved is worth.

Choosing a Base
As important as the choice of base color choice. Most of them are well women make up the foundation base made of yellow. One such base neutralizes pink and red shades. If you use a foundation based in pink, your face will look too pink if you already have this tone shades. A foundation based on blue can cause skin blue shades look ashen.

It is better to invest in a high quality base by a consultant cosmetic rather than spending on a brand you can get at a pharmacy. Base is advisable to test before buying. Apply the base in the bottom of the cheek and let dry. It should seem invisible or nearly invisible.

Remember, the purpose is to match the color of the skin. The color is for blush, shadows and concealers.

Applying the Base

  • Use your finger or a sponge when you apply the base.
  • Divide the face into two and use the “drag” to apply the base. Distribute the base in the area of the cheeks by a movement to the jaw and neck and then into the line of hair growth. I use this method to remove the demarcation line that forms around the line of the jaw line and hair growth. If you use this method further reduce the amount of base used in the neck, saving you time when cleaning.
  • Secure the base with translucent powder, compact or loose, to give a matte finish and dull. The loose powder will give a more natural and translucent.
  • The pressed powder can be applied throughout the day to refresh your makeup and help control shine.

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