The cheapest cosmetics

The cheapest cosmetics


All we know are times of crisis and most of us do not have the same economic opportunities than most, so many women like you and me we can not buy make-up of high ranges as “sting” quite the pocket. If you’re like me and have this same problem and not have to stoop to buy quality products without any makeup in Chinese shops and bazaars. Just so you know, you can go without makeup perfectly spend your paycheck.

It is not, as I said, to go to bazaars or markets, but to investigate and find great quality at great prices. Do you know the store Yves Rocher? This is another store where you will find, besides cheap makeup, treatments such as masks and creams for your skin and hair.

Try their foundations, are perfect for summer because they are very light, not suffocate the skin and give a unique pearly highlighting your summer tan.

With Avon you have to watch as it has very good products and others are less so. I will recommend your mineral blush, her nail polish and lip gloss. Watch your eye shadow and the mascara because it does not shine especially for its duration.

Elf Cosmetics brand is also highly recommended for its quality / price ratio. It is characterized by its wide variety of products, like Essence, which is currently the most purchased in Spain. Another cheap makeup brands that are being implemented in Spain and now has several stores in cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza and Malaga is Kiko Make up Milano.

Their quality is 100% recommended and their prices are really ridiculous! Many of them were sold at 1 €.Check out their range of nail polish, will surprise you greatly and I’m sure you’ll love! With all that I told you I think you make a purchase to fill your need for an inexpensive and safe. Better impossible, no?

To begin, I invite you to try the cosmetics brand in supermarkets Mercadona. Deliplus is called and both their creams and makeup are all high quality. Not tested on animals and which is even stronger, all makeup products are manufactured by Margaret Astor cosmetics brand; do you sound, and right? A reference to what makeup is concerned.

Only for this and for testing I’ve done with their products, I have stolen my heart! I’d advise your concealer cream that has a super soft texture, is fixed, very easy to apply and only worth 3 €!

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