Proenza Schouler Short Film presents ‘Snow Ball’

Proenza Schouler


To make a short film on the market is now virtually de rigueur trendy fashion label and so recently invited the New York designer duo Proenza Schouler, together with the hip fashion “POP” for the premiere of the brand new short film label to Paris. Although the short film called “Snow Balls” produced by far not as elaborate as, for example, the short film “Wonder Wood” of the label Comme des Garcons, but all the more unsettling.

In the just under four minutes for a film that was directed by filmmaker Harmony Korine, pull out two girls dressed up as Indians by acting small town. As night falls, the two girls end up with strange masked man and celebrate an old-creepy weird one party with him. The view of older men acts as empty as the eyes of the girl.

With the subtly creepy somehow acting like the fashion label films showcase its new winter collection for the upcoming season due. For this to let the designers obviously inspired by costumes of the Native Americans.

That the makers of short films a soft spot for people who retire in their own world and create your own universe in which they live and be happy, he was once known in an interview. “Snowballs” is the second collaboration between Harmony and Proenza Schouler Korina. Previously he had for the trendy fashion label the short film “Act as Fool” been filmed in which the protagonist was a dark-skinned beauty.

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