Nail problems .. How to treat and avoid them in the future

Nail problems


Has long been associated with attractive women and the beauty of her hair softness and elegance of her nails, Valozafar an essential part of the panoramic and elegant place and the more I was interested by the reflected Onottk and the extent of your interest in the details.

But getting nails beautiful and healthy is not easy and rapid, as some imagine, but requires great care from the inside and outside, as it vulnerable to several problems that may affect them and harm them, and showing them inappropriately.

And nails exposed to harm them, several problems and contribute to the lack of growth, most notably is Petksrha and crack and dry and fragile, as well as inflammation in case of continued neglect. As we note in many cases, spots yellow and black and blue on the nail, the signs of damage to the nail.

These problems result from several causes lie mainly in the lack of some essential food items a protein, zinc and in some cases, the decline is due to family reasons and genetic.

It may also lead to thyroid disorders, changes in the nails, without ignoring the fact that the severe anemia and a lack of calcium and iron, are reflected in the case of nail health. We note also that the diets diet cruel damage and cause the crack and break.

However, the process of interest Nail process is not impossible but requires perseverance and follow-up, following a few steps can be obtained satisfactory results:

  • The first element must be drawn to it is nutrition, because they affect both the body and plays an important role in the health of the nails, and therefore must focus on foods rich in iron, calcium, potassium and vitamin B and zinc.
  • Attention to the process of cold nails, so you must take into account many corners of the nail to be the most likely to break.
  • Do not use nails to carry out a harsh impact on strength as opening a box or other harsh…
  • Take care of skin surrounding the nail for a nail tidy, and choose products that contain water and oil as key components, the oil softens the skin around the nail, water and moisturizes the area around the nail, helping to strengthen it.
  • Avoid cutting the skin around the nail is having everything protects and removes the protective layer has an attack of bacteria and inflammation making it easy to grow abnormally. It is better to push the skin back a little after the bath, where the soft region.
  • Sterilization of painting tools thoroughly after each use.
  • Do not use paint remover is a lot work to weaken the nail and dry.
  • Avoid using products that contain fresheners because they contain alcohol weaken your nails.

Correct methods of nail polish
After cleaning the nail polish and moisture and coldness of good tools, the Ad Hoc Amsheiha a piece of dry cotton to get rid of the moisture on the surface.

Spread a layer of paint statute, then Spread the paint color, with the adoption of very thin layers and give them enough time to dry well before applying another layer. Start by passing the feather in the center of the nail and then on the side.

Finally, Spread the last layer of paint polished. To remove old nail polish, it is necessary to choose a soft remover rich in vitamins does not cause dry nails, without forget to give your nails opportunities to break away from the paint from time to time to breathe properly.

The most important nutrients that help strengthen your nails:

  • Vitamin E: is available in vegetable oils, nuts Kalpndq, walnuts and pistachios.
  • Iron is available in meat, eggs, cereals and vegetables, in addition to bread.
  • Calcium: available in green leafy vegetables, beans, milk and dairy products.
  • Zinc is available in sufficient quantities in meat, fish, mushrooms and egg yolks.
  • Vitamin B: available in soybeans and vegetables, fish and white meat.

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