Makeup brushes

Makeup brushes


When we bought beauty products almost never give importance to one of the most important elements of our case: makeup brushes. Most girls come to buy one when they have is getting bald, which is a serious error. A make-up can be completely ruined expensive on the face if not applied with a brush that is safe.

The quality of the brushes and makeup brushes that we use as small a detail so important yet so often overlooked. So if you open your box to find your old brush, which you love because it is soft and fits perfectly in your face, examine it carefully because either you do a good service or you should think about acquiring another.

Use a good makeup brush will facilitate the correct application of the product and we look more professional.

Nor is it to change brush every two weeks. Acquiring quality products and learn how to clean makeup brushes, will provide a long life with you. The first question is whether to acquire or synthetic hair.

Although much has been said about it, synthetic brushes have improved the quality that are soft and are perfect. Here’s how to keep them in perfect condition.

  • It is advisable to wash your brushes at least once a week to prevent germs and some accumulate dirt as well as ruin your makeup, as we have said, you can produce a reaction in the skin as a small rash.
  • To clean the brush properly use a mild soap as a gel, then use warm water and rinse with cold water. In fact, it’s as if it were your hair.
  • Avoid distorting the hair of the brush pressing too much. Twist the hair firmly and securely, but without squeezing it in your hand.
  • Remove excess moisture with a paper and let dry thoroughly. If when you use it again is wet, do not use.

If you prefer to use the products of large firms, are some from MAC, Clinique and Bobbi Brown. Even the house has developed an antibacterial Sephora.

Just as it says on the makeup brushes to apply the brushes, to a lesser extent, because the contact surface is smaller. The brushes also reflected the colors of the stains, and continued use will cause not keep them clean tones are mixed and the result is not the one you want.

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