Headdresses and tiaras, just in beauty



For an act, for weddings, celebrations, to stroll along the beach, going to movies, to go shopping … at any time, any time, headdresses and tiaras!

The fashion of the crown began to appreciate a few years ago when he left the American series Gossip Girl, or “gossip girl”, which we would say. The bold, famed leader, uncompromising, but sweet Warldrof Blair became fashionable headband emblazoned across the chapters of the first season.

How do we?
First, one should differentiate the headband of the headgear. In the case of the first, is what we see in the picture of the actress. On the other hand, the hit may be just a pin, a clip with some floral, hair gum or lesser detail…

The headdress is most often used in large events such as weddings, communions and celebrations say a higher level. The headdress, in recent times is taking on new forms thanks to the designers who have decided to innovate and take risks to decorate the head with strange figures, big bows or feathers diverse.

The headband is more bearable, valid for any occasion. Take on the daring colors and flowers of all types and to combine them with the suit you wear. If, for example, now that summer has arrived, I dressed like Ibiza, bet on a white scarf or headband a tiara in the form of margaritas. There is always great!

If you do not have one, what are you waiting? Take advantage of the discounts that come to go shopping. The have stores like H & M, Zara, Sfera, Bimba & Lola … Search and find! The best accessories for this summer are waiting.

In summer you can also estarin. And if you have questions, please contact us. Put a headdress or headband in your life, or better … both and enjoy!

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