Frizzy hair or hair pretty?

hair pretty


Frank Provost has been in Spain recently and got to tell us how we can have a beautiful mane, as well as reveal some interesting data.

Provost Frank Barber recently visited our country. Have passed through his hands as famous as manes of Adriana Karembeu, Estelle Lefebure Eva Herzigova or. During his trip gave us some very curious details:

  • 30% of Spanish women have frizzy hair.
  • 17% of Spanish have unmanageable hair.

And it turns out that for reasons of weather, moisture and hair particularities Latino, Spanish women have a high level frizz compared to other European. So much more often resort to intensive treatment and heat tools for managing their hair, both in the salon and at home.

You only need to view these data:

  • 45% dry your hair dryer.
  • 20% are smoothed his hair with an iron.

For good the equipment we use for our hair not to punish, no doubt about that hair deteriorates more rapidly. But a great evil, older remedies, so the clever barber recommended that we use, why not! Their products. But as a point is, here’s summarize: Reparation Expert range. Line that repairs and strengthens damaged and brittle hair.

Expert Liss range. Alisa loosens the hair fiber and avoiding frizz.

Brillance Expert range. Frees hair of waste and shuts off the scales in order to reflect more light.

Protector Spray Expert. Highly recommended for long hair as it protects hair from aggression caused by the instruments of heat, preventing dryness and providing partial hair. As long as you have the hair you can use all the product you want and the prices of this company are the most affordable (from 5 to 7.25 euros) … especially if one takes into account the formats! Shampoos and conditioners are 750 ml and 400 ml masks.

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