Effective home remedies to get rid of your skin “white heads”



The worst phase of pimples already… This is when the blisters turn into a small white patches of “white heads” and attack our skin and then these home remedies will save your skin from damage and which may extend its influence to other parts of your body.

And can these home remedies that keeps the other medical treatments that you need to get rid of these spots, provided you can use them in a systematic manner has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt benefits the many and varied as long as it maintained.

On the other hand, the method of using these home remedies will require you to time by the experts who will explain how to use them you even get your benefits fully in giving you the health benefits available in the natural ingredients that are found in these recipes home and take you away from the other methods of treatment that are harmful to your skin due to the presence of chemicals that harm the skin and health.

The interest of these other home remedies that it will keeps the other treatments are expensive and may cause adverse effects on the skin with the length of use, which leads to the misdeeds of many may not be ominous.

The cause of the high demand for them:
It is known that in Western countries, especially women are interested in Bbashrthen care, especially with the use of treatment methods that include the presence of organic components and the natural. But women in the West, it is well appointed in order to obtain healthy skin completely free of defects is required of them to follow certain routes which maintain and continue to use these home remedies.

It has been observed recently that women Yulin great importance to what is known as white spots that attack the skin at any stage of life, which may extend its influence into many areas of the body, especially as to get rid of these white spots requires a pattern of particular use in a specified period and may not be of this period often small, but it may persist for significant periods of more than two or three months in order to obtain positive results and completely get rid of these spots in the expected duration and so far away from the use of methods of treatment of medical and containing chemical substances are made of simple materials.


The other advantage of these home remedies they use the simplest materials and natural ingredients in our in-house or the natural environment surrounding us, so getting these components will not cost us more effort or suffering or even the high price that vastly when resorting to treatments other.

Eggs and honey:
When you combine these two components together in a way good, you will have a strong capacity to rid your skin from “white heads” and hide completely and all you do is you bring an egg “white” medium-sized and Valuation Besbha in a bowl and then Tadhafa have one teaspoon of honey, component of a good heart and then put it on the affected areas, let sit for thirty minutes and then rinse with warm water, this is the way of the most successful home remedies.

May Ttakovin strongly the use of garlic because of its smell bad, but there is no organic ingredients as his ability to Tkhalask of the problems in your skin as much as the garlic from the impact and the ability of extremely Tkhalask of these problems, especially with white spots, so we recommend only using garlic in Tkhalask spots or white heads that are found only in the skin, but we recommend you use it with all the other problems that affect the skin, Valthom is the only element that contains the benefits of countless rid us of the disadvantages and problems of the skin completely.

To get your best results put the garlic powder, which you set up home three times a day to affected areas of your skin, but beware of the method of use… Valuation must be put garlic powder and Tdlkih very gently so as not to damage your skin.

This component also many benefits in Tkhalask of white heads that are harmful to your skin and show it has been proven beyond doubt that the overall capacity of this component of natural Tkhalask of white patches and damaged skin, the other and the reason for this is that the skin absorbs the component normal very quickly, so have an influence effective in Tkhalask of white spots and pimples and other problems that exist on the surface of your skin in a short period.

Lemon juice:
The lemon juice is also very helpful in Tkhalask white spots, because the lemon of the components of natural anti-bacterial, so you can use lemon juice also to fight the white heads and the best way to use is to get up to bring a piece of cotton and then Blliha lemon juice and Mrreha gently to the affected areas with repeated use for several days to get rid of white heads completely.

Sodium bicarbonate:
Although the effectiveness of sodium bicarbonate in the protection of the teeth and fight decay only to have a great potential also in the fight against and resistance to blackheads and whiteheads on the skin and eliminate it and summed up the way for use in mixing four tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate in a cup of boiling water and put them in a medium bowl, put them to the affected areas and then Leave on for at least 20 minutes and then a national Bashtafha warm water.

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