Body Language (part-2)

Body Language


When you think of this immediately might think it means to be as straight as possible. In fact, the natural alignment of your head and body.

Each has a different position and usually develops in the habit through the years.

The posture may be causing your shoulders slumped forward and they are hanging your head.

Use your position to give the image you want
Your posture may show how you will face a situation…..

  • If you you stand with your shoulders up, arms folded, and reclining on its side, it will appear that you are not ready or interested in the task.
  • If you put the strong shoulders, head erect, hands on hips and fists, you’ll look like you’re ready for anything, no matter how stressful is the situation you face.
  • Look at the feet of a person when you are sitting will tell you who is an extrovert (sociable) and who is an introvert (withdrawn).
  • Extrovert’s fingers pointing outward, of introverts do inside.
  • Ungainly gait may suggest lack of interest or enthusiasm.
  • Stand up straight with your weight balanced on each foot makes you look confident and relaxed. Try to stand up or sit up straight, not slouching.

    How to make a good impression at work through your posture and body language

    • When meeting with a client, uses gestures honest and open.
    • The movements of your hands outward and upward are positive actions.
    • Place the fingertips of one hand against the tips of the other in a “bell” conveys confidence.
    • But grab your hands behind your head while you lie on a chair may suggest an arrogant confidence and drive away potential customers.
    • Place your hands on either side of your waist is called “stand and order.” This posture shows confidence and attracts others. Many fashion models are photographed catalogs stops in that pose.
    • Unbutton his suit jacket in front of a potential customer will mean an open mind, you’re ready to talk, to negotiate.
    • Take off your jacket is really energetic. And rolling up the sleeves of your shirt suggests that you are ready to negotiate the final price.
    • While speaking with potential clients, observe their body language.
    • If they cross their arms, use positive signals and statements that make open your arms and listen to your sales strategy.
    • When his arms and legs are not crossed and his hands are open, a sale is possible.
    • When you see that they are “imitating” your movements and gestures, got caught and attentive to your sales presentation.
    • Imitation indicates the maximum communication with the other person.
    • If you extend your arms with palms open and they do the same, you and they are synchronized. The messages and words you’re saying is being received and accepted by the other.
    • With a technique called “tracking”, imitating their body language and then gradually move towards a more positive stance towards openness and psychological. As you change your posture to mimic yours, their attitudes change, and you can communicate better …
    • Covering the mouth, nose or touching an area near the eye, they are backtracking. Something you said has made them lose interest.
    • Backtracks and uses another strategy. Gently re-focus on the potential customer.
    • Encourage them to share their concerns with you. Open your palms and sometimes they bring along a hand to her chest while talking, this is a strong sign of honesty.

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