Biotherm products, By Francesca Camps

Biotherm products


In 1997 revolutionary Biotherm Aquasource moisturizing treatment that represents the equivalent of 5,000 liters of thermal water, a record amount for a single package. In 2004, introduces the complex Aquasource Non-Stop Hydra-and becomes Biotherm Aquasource Non Stop.

The skin remains moisturized twice as long compared to the preceding formula. In 2010, Biotherm faces the challenge of perfection to meet the needs of those women who want to hydrate your skin and dull daily fix, roughness and visible pores.

His goal is that every day, the skin look more beautiful than the day before. This uses technology that is Aqualiss intense hydration for 24 hours, while refines pores and gives skin a new glow. To smooth the skin micro-reliefs, including a finisher amino mineral complex with amino acids, manganese crystals oligoazucares (€ 45.80).

Lowering treatment Biotherm Celluli Laser precision
Biotherm revolutionizes their own treatment, developing its first high-precision lowering treatment based on a next-generation laser technology and is done at home like any other product reducer. With this release, Biotherm has launched a new generation of cosmetic compounds pure thermal plankton, entering fully into the dermobiotica.

Reduce cellulite in just 10 days is the promise of Laser Celluli Biofibrine (44 €), a revolutionary new product that launched the cosmetics brand Biotherm. To combat cellulite at night, we proposed Celluli Laser Biotherm Intensive Night (€ 48.40) and the more specific area of the belly and waist, Celluli Laser Size Code (39 €).

This treatment is reducing, firming and helps remove excess fat from the abdomen and waist, whatever their origin (genetic, hormonal or lifestyle). But if the idea is to reduce only the contour of the thigh up to 0.7 cm, the most effective treatment is undoubtedly Code Celluli Slim Laser (50,90 €).

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