Beyonce Knowles plans collection for pregnant women

Beyonce Knowles


Beyonce Knowles is Mother. This should be after her pregnancy during the last outing MTV Video Music Awards, widely known as Beyonce emphasizes only too happy how beautiful it is but as a pregnant woman survived, since she no longer needs to hide her belly in front of the press.

Also in the video for her new single, “Countdown” keeps the pretty singer, her baby bump with pride at the camera and proves that even moms-to-be can be quite sexy. But as we all know, Beyonce is a true multi-talent and so gave Miss Knowles now in an interview with U.S. magazine Harper’s Bazaar announced plans to create for her fashion label “House of Dereon” a stylish collection for expectant mothers.

The idea apparently came to her during her shopping trips. In an interview with the women’s magazine Beyonce revealed namely, that they would find it incredibly exciting to try all these great clothes, which also give expectant mothers a striking and sexy look.

Yawn … Is it a surprise come the news of maternity wear collection that is not, after all, it is now almost de rigueur one celebrities to launch her own fashion line and bring out creations during pregnancy for pregnant women. Apparently, celebrities have maternity wear from just sell especially well when they are personally in other circumstances.

Whether Beyonce will bring a collection for babies on the market once the offspring are there? This would probably surprise no one. Whether Beyonce’s sweetheart, rapper Jay Z, you might raps “Make Money, Make Money …” in his ear?

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