A vaccine against acne

A vaccine


Those who have never suffered from acne raise their hands … That’s what we thought, person, or nearly so, can claim to have escaped this scourge! While acne can be mild or absent for a handful of lucky, the majority of people is no exception: Acne affects 80 to 90% of adolescents (adolescents or 4 out of 5!), but also 20% of adults.

So far, the only truly effective treatment against acne lived by taking a drug by the name of Roaccutane. Developed in the 1980s, it has literally revolutionized the treatment of severe acne.

However, its use has become highly controversial : in addition to almost routine side effects (chapped lips, nosebleeds, extremely dry skin …) it would be responsible for mental illness that led to the suicide of a dozen people since the beginning the 2000s. Serious enough to doubt that AFSSAPS (French Agency for Sanitary Safety of Health Products) write it in February last on the list of 77 drugs currently under surveillance.

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