Yves Rocher Makeup For Francesca Camps

Yves Rocher Makeup

Fluid, solid or powder, a bottom-up must unite and protect, bringing a touch of light necessary to have glowing skin all day.

Also, we all know that the key to good makeup is the bottom-up.

Therefore, Yves Rocher target their products foundation, editors, lighting, powder and rouge, to bring light to the skin that characterizes a good bottom-up. As Coleurs Nature line of cosmetics plant a pioneer in offering each woman a type of makeup suits your needs, regardless of skin type and effect and desired level of transparency.

A product for every need
Finding the perfect makeup fund depends to a large extent, likes, dislikes and habits of each woman. And when we find it is usually the result of much time spent testing and experimenting with all types of funds. To facilitate your next purchase, you are 5 funding base makeup and a trainer to find the bottom of makeup that best fits your needs and preferences.

  • Comfort Cream Makeup. Glowing skin, smooth and unified with nourishing safflower oil. Creamy, ultra-flux and non-drying.
  • Fluid Makeup unchanged. Perfect skin, 14 hours, with long-term fitopigmentos. Fluid, light and does not mark the features. Makeup Matifying Fluid. Skin rebalanced, refreshed and velvety, with skullcap root extract anti-glare. This line-up also has ethnic overtones.
  • Fluid Makeup second skin. Skin lit naturally unified with cotton moisturizing milk. Makeup Smoothing Serum. Four extracts of rose (hips, damascena essential oil of rose) remodels the skin while hydrating and has a smoothing effect immediately.
  • Crust. Four extracts of rose (the same as in makeup) to prepare the skin and leave a luminous complexion and set makeup during the day.

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