Your need for summer: Basic only (part-2)

Your need for summer


Body: Summer essential basic
If I can only choose 4 products as these:

Sunscreen with high factor
In fact, I always carry two bottles in case I run (although the nearest pharmacy is 20 miles J). This year, also at least two boats!

My favorites are ISDINsuntan lotion spray and Dr. Hausken, it smells great.

After Sun
I need it, because my skin dries out a lot when I take the sun. This product is a must for me and if it leaves me a golden hue, the better.

I love Milk After Effect Golden Sun Lavera, containing Aloe Vera, olive oil and green tea. In addition, gold tone leaves a very flattering and totally natural, no preservatives or colorings.

Your need for summer

Cream “super moisturizer” for the body
In summer it is imperative to have a super moisturizing cream on hand.

Use it before going out at night if you use short skirt will accentuate the color of your legs and make them thinner. My favorite is the Kiehls: Le Creme de Corps.

Nail Lacquer in tone striking!
Both hands and feet, in summer I like to use a lacquer striking, at least for the holidays. This year, coral and fuchsia tones are very popular and greatly favor when you’re brown. I love Chanel varnish.

Hair: Summer essential basic
Hair is, without doubt, the hardest hit in the summer. I have great care, because to carry and use tinted heat plates so often, I break easily. Also, if we add to all this exposure to sun, chlorine and salt, the result can be disastrous, so extreme care in summer. These are my principles:

Your need for summer

Shampoo for dry hair and colored
I switched brands, but I always make sure that the product I’m using is special for my hair type, which is not easy.

No-rinse conditioner
This trick I just learned from my stylist Tony Barber in Barcelona Bot. Is ideal for summer use, plus long-conditioner, a rinse conditioner, to combat dryness and protect the hair. The truth is that

I see my hair softer and more hydrated, so this product comes with me.

Like (and Tony too) the Redken: Healthy Curls.

I love the smell of hair protectors; I do transport me to any beach.

In addition, if it contains oil leaves the hair slightly wavy, giving that look as sexy, perfect for the beach. Kerastase L’Oreal, has the most complete line of sunscreen for hair.

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