Your makeup a masterpiece

Your makeup a masterpiece

To make your makeup a masterpiece you must first know a few tricks that will be very easy to perform and no doubt the result will be unbeatable.

A very appealing mouth

It is important that the lips are well cared for, so we need to hydrate, lest we leave cracks or “pielecillas” that make the end result is greatly improved.

To remove the skins can use a special lip scrub will help remove dead cells without damaging the skin and lips are a very sensitive area. Another trick to improve the appearance of our mouth and get rid of the flakes is to soak a cotton ball in warm water and apply it on lips for several seconds.

On dry or chapped lips must apply creams appropriate for this area and for this problem at least twice a day. For though every time the lipsticks are more dealers and moisturizing creams are irreplaceable and more on the lips with a tendency to dry or irritated.

Give your lips the perfect size

  • Enlarge thin lips, first matches the tone of the rest of the mouth with lips painted face with the foundation, now perfilalos lip-liner with a beige, natural, or the same color of the bar that you will use and apply a lighter shade in the center of the mouth, to provide an image of bulk.
  • Refine your lips too thick, applied to the contour of the mouth the foundation to remove the natural color and perfilalos the inside.
  • To match the size of the lips, if you just want to correct a profiled lip inside or out (enlarge or refine) the correct lip.

Impact Eyes

Of black eye makeup are the order of the day, but they are not readily available, I suggest that you follow a few tips and you will see how that goes great:

  • The first thing I suggest is that you apply the concealer and apply it also in the eyelid to even out the skin tone and set the shadow more. But the foundation wall, as the black shadow at the end spot a lot and the base is completely obscured.
  • Now we will begin to apply the shadow. Make a bow just above the natural crease of the eyelid, you can do with your eyes open (and you’ll see where it will be well shaded). Once you have marked the filled shape and make up the eyelid with shadow pat to deposit the product and then fade.
  • once you have your eye makeup with black shadow applied your foundation and finish cooking the lips, rouge.
  • Apply mascara, it is important that the marques from the root to the eyelashes to highlight, if not most would not be and is unfinished. In many cases the make-up eyelashes eyelid defile us with the mask, do not worry, easy solution, let dry and remove excess with a cotton swab, once the product is dry cleaned easily.
  • If the brush that comes with the mask has excess product using a bubiyon, Manchala the mask and apply it, thus preventing matted eyelashes fit you. In addition, the bubiyon you will also comb the eyebrows and eyelashes.

Blush, great detail

The blush is another important detail in the final result of the makeup should be applied to the area of ​​the cheekbones, between the nostrils and the end of the eyebrows.

If we apply the blush just above the cheekbone will not provide any correction, but will give a healthy look to your skin and face in general.

To apply the perfect smiles slightly and gives a little quantity in the cheek area that is highlighted when you smile, to get a touch of “flush” (gives a small amount, remember that it is always easier to apply more to go to lower the tone).

If you exceed the amount of product you can, with a clean brush to apply loose powder blend and white top.

If you want to edit and enhance the cheekbone uses two tones, the light and apply it on the cheekbone under the eye blurring towards the temples and the dark just below the clear tone. Difuminalos well for ye are based cuts lose and get that it is natural and does not note the correction. It is important that you consider to apply the colors where we raise, volumizing and dark colors where we want to provide an appearance of depth.

I hope these simple tips will be very useful, so enjoy and that exploteis sacandoles whole game and doing your makeup a masterpiece that all look, envy and desire. 


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