WAD Photoepilation (IPL)

WAD Photoepilation


We are going to explain how the latest in hair removal works. Continue reading below as we tell you all the details on this type of hair removal.

Photoepilation WAD is a method used by a pulsed light to destroy unwanted hair. This process can be applied in any part of our body.

Best of all, it’s a system that does not hurt.

In addition to not hurt is smooth and fast.

Mention to you all, boys and girls, no matter the thickness of hair, nor the hardness and strength of the aircraft and not taken into account if our hair is blond or brunette, this new system applies to all hair types. (Say that white hair shave costs by not having much melanin).

Now what is to forget playing laser hair removal, which was a kind of slow and somewhat painful waxing?

Note that the age, sex, hormones, diet, etc… Are points that are considered as dependent on them, hair is removed before or a little later, so they also influence the number of sessions needed, and even in the price?

Doing this kind of hair will not prevent a return to everyday life, remember that you have said previously that it is painless, but depending on skin type, we may blush the waxed area, as well as the appearance of potential and slight edema.

Finally say that you and I informeis asegureis chosen center for hair removal, and even the same staff is professional.

Our personal advice
Do not sunbathe during treatment. So we advise you to make the hair fall or winter. There is more to be proactive / a.

If you are pregnant, to assure that your condition is not met any contraindication.

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