The perfect balance between beauty and makeup

The perfect balance


Clean the face is a routine that we follow every day to keep it fresh and bright.To wear a face light on both days as a daily special are some tips you must always keep in mind a good makeup artist.

Tips to keep the light of the face.

A beautiful complexion begins with a clean face, although that outsiders such as pollution and stress interfere with a face that looks radiant, one of the most fragile areas of the body, habits such as cleaning is a routine that we follow on a daily basis for hygiene and to achieve a youthful, luminous complexion.

Various cosmetic companies offer a range of different textures depending on skin treated to remove dead cells, dirt, sweat, the remnants of makeup and bacteria, keeping the pores free of impurities while preparing the skin for receive an extra dose of nutrition and hydration.

To achieve excellent results and your face, like other areas of your body overflowing sensuality and freshness, you have to exfoliate and prepare the skin with moisturizers for a spectacular finish, thus the skin thin and free of “pielecitas” due to possible dehydration, eliminating dead cells so that it is fresh, prepared and hydrated.

Dermatologists recommend cleansing the face twice a day, while cleaning steps differ for different types of skin.

The makeup is perfect for your skin to stop shine this season.

The makeup for the naturalness of the skin fresh and moist, pearly textures that illuminate a smooth, translucent shades that let us see the skin.

They have glossy fur, pure and natural as they are always looking for a face in highlighting the luminosity. Base flawless and without excess.

Should not risk too much make-up skin look too dusty or otherwise very bright. For a perfectly polished finish applied fluid or cream base with a brush, as used by professional makeup artists.

The skin-toned blush highlights varied in harmony with the rest of your makeup, if we choose the skin is dry or textured cream mousse.

This season we are juicy and sparkling colors that mimic materials such as metal or light and reflecting bubbles to put the crowning touch to your looks more appealing. Some of them as eye shadows pearly textures, reflections in gold or silver enhance and illuminate the eye providing a sweet and mysterious image.

Among trends succeed eyeshadow iridescent textures that bring light and enlarge the eyes with long lashes and defined outrageously. In cool tones like purple and turquoise.

Some of them offer illuminating iridescent loose particles presented in unpublished cases to achieve a bright and sexy makeup.

For lips are juicy and delicious options to achieve excellent results as the volume effect, glow effect candy, glossy, creamy or metal.

Lips, if we enhance the eyes with bright textures to enlarge the eyes, lips, leave it in the background, not the highlights too, but that does not mean that we neglect them, we can get a very sexy look for them using soft, natural tones giving them a truly irresistible.
Cosmetics firms offer different products that provide both the face and the body the brightness of a jewel, creating different textures and also the delicate perfume.

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