The best holiday hairstyles

The best holiday hairstyles


Party Hairstyles
As we know that you love, here we detail the hairstyles that take party season.

High bun. Feel great if you have a long neck. If not, you can disguise, leaving some loose strands on the sides. They are most in elegance.

Bow low. Adds a demure and / or professional. Very appropriate in a suit jacket.

Bow side. Get to an aspect of feminine coquetry and very suitable for special occasions.

The best holiday hairstyles

Bow undone. Going for a touch, deliberately sloppy grunge … but with class with this type of hairstyle. Is like saying “I have been so”, albeit a very studied look.

Bow XXL. Get a touch of modernity in the style of Lady Gaga.
Monitos. This season also carried two small bows on the top rear of the skull. Lend an air of innocent and somewhat naive.

Braid back. The air can be glamorized folk with a metallic ribbon in the middle of the braid.

Braid built. Very flattering as ‘up’ the factions and form a line in the hair very flattering.

Tyrolean braid. Is a braid that surrounds the face, framed? A romantic style.

The best holiday hairstyles

Semi-collected later. Looks good to pick up the hair with a brooch jewel in the back.

Semi-picked with bangs. A more youthful, informal party for this look.
Semi-collected with crooked. A touch of renaissance for this semi-collected that allows hair look.

Melena twists. Whether curly, curling iron or special, is the most sophisticated to make a long curls to party.

Extra-smooth hair. Either an iron or dryer, it is more chic than an ultra-smooth hair.

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