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If you’re tired of going to buy more and more products from makeup and in the end always use the same products … colors, textures and there are endless types of different make-up and there comes a time we wondered what I have to buy. .? Well, keep reading because you count the essential products, basic colors and also what it does and why it is important to keep this list .. definitely going to save you time, money and space!

Makeup is the base for make-up, if you carry a base that suits your skin very well that you have eye makeup, the result will be good .. but what color is right for you? Very easy, the same as your skin tone, think that the base is to unify the tone and correct imperfections, not to add color, if you want to appear darker using a bronzing powder over the base (a commodity can use as a foundation as blush and summer too).

Also takes on a basis that suits your needs, that is, if your skin is dry base buy a moisturizer if your skin is buying mixed oil-free basis, if you like a natural finish buying a liquid base (these are perfect for daily use and most brands have for combination skin and dry skin.) if your skin has many imperfections becomes a base of increased coverage and so on..

This is a product that we can change the face … as the basis choose one that suits your needs, if you just want to purchase a light and illuminating light, if you have many circles takes a great creamy texture coverage and to apply on the base and so on, also uses the spell on you do not feel like makeup, with a touch of concealer and a little blush and mascara pink will be perfect in 3 minutes.

Correcting imperfections
If you have blemishes on the face as pimples etc, takes a concealer that is specifically designed to correct red areas of the face, usually tend to be yellow or green, find it when you go to buy it if it is used before or after the base, eye do not put a lot of product and blend well, but the effect is the opposite, usually often in texture cream. And if you’re lucky not to have imperfections, you do not need one!

Matte Powder
Do you shine the T-zone (forehead, nose and cheekbones)? Then you need a matte powder, what color? The best one transparent, so you served in summer, in winter … there are two types of textures, loose powder and pressed powder, have the same function, eliminate glare, if you are long out of the powder compact home best in your bag, remember that if you apply the finishing powder brush is much more natural if you apply the powder puff (the sponge usually bring all the compact) is more opaque finish, perfect for example for combination skin. . Powders do not abuse mates! Use them only when you shine your face ..

Eye shadows
What color do you choose from the thousands that were there ..? First of all think that you want the color to highlight the color of your eye, combined with a special clothing for basic day to night, put on makeup at your service .. in the short course of the day # 3 we explain in detail what colors to choose to highlight your iris .. for the basic daytime makeup are brown and gray to black makeup night and if you like any particular color is now very fashionable purple, green and bright colors.

If I will purchase a gold for day or night and if the black smudge it well becomes gray, you should have a basic one is white or cream matte and pearly colored, they will serve you to give light to your eye, used under the eyebrow (if you have shriveled lid prevents pearl or bright colors) the effect will be automatic your eye look bigger and outlined also target you used to make lighter shades such as cream to make it dark brown or the black gray and so on the basic texture is the pressed powder.

Eye Pencils
The star is the color black, if not your makeup at night or you’re blonde takes a dark brown.

The basics are the earth tone (remember that if you already have one you can serve bronzer as blush) and pink (avoid this color if your skin is very pink).

The basic texture is the dust, if you have very dry skin cream rouges test …

The basic, one that matches the color of your labio.así serve you with any lipstick ..

The color of lipstick more often is always in our favor a similar color to our lips, take note that your lip is not brown, has a pink … very pink in some cases shooting into more land, once identify your lip color, choose colors that you like that color, light colors or dark tones.

The basic color is transparent, a good trick, use it on the lip liner (Make up the entire lip before the profile) and you’ll have a glow with color, or apply it on the bar or just…

The final touch lighting! Apply a powder over your cheekbone highlighter just at the temples and you could give your face instant light, you can also shed light on the forehead and chin… What product to use? A pearly white shadow or illuminating powder.

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