Style to go to work (part-2)



This set is formed with a pair of straight leg clamp to black. A black turtleneck sweater in fine wool and a supplement to break the dark.

The shoes are medium heel and toe closed.

When I can use?
It is a more informal and we replaced the shirt and jacket for a sweater.

We use to go to work in an elegant style but in a not so formal.

How is that for me?
This set visually slimming, as we use the color black and the pants are straight leg.

The collar gives us momentum and retracts seriously.

Heeled shoes as we all know we stylize the figure!

I can combine how?
If we project more accessible we can change the color of the jersey for any other, black pants accepts many possible combinations.

We can also replace the collar by a complement of color as a form of necklace or a scarf and matching with the shoes, give a feminine touch and fun to your image.


  • Jeans
  • Blouse
  • Black shoes
  • Complement

The jeans are also straight and low waist.

The blouse is cream colored baggy warm, has a neck and a small buttoned closed in the chest.

The shoes are black and combine it all together with a silver necklace and black.

When I can use?
Can be used for weekend leave to work in a casual place. It’s very flattering because even if jeans are a dark and stylized leg almost like black trousers.

How is that for me?
As mentioned above the trouser style shapes your figure we also we complement it with a medium heel black shoe, easy to carry.

The baggy blouse is a good option for not using a simple shirt or shirt, gives a feminine touch because it has a little puffy sleeves and neck adaptable as we want (more open or closed).

The use of the necklace adds a touch more fun and we have the ideal set the color of the shoe.

I can combine how?
We can change the color of the shirt for any other since we are using a Texan and all colors favor.

We may also combine the shoes with the color of her blouse.

The right handbag anger depending on color of the shirt or shoes.

Since this season is very flattering colors dare with a dark orange or mustard, I will give a different and stand out!

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