Style to go to work (part-1)



Many times we doubt that we get to go to work. We think that style is suitable for every workplace; you can contribute more, as could be combined to take advantage of the same set.

Here we show four sets of style to go to work.

We will start discussing the first two formal styles of work.

  • Black suit jacket.
  • White shirt.
  • Heeled black shoes.

The first option to go to work is a black suit. The jacket is semi-Fitted with a single button and the pants are straight. The shirt is plain white and medium heel shoes black.

When I can use?
As we mentioned above is a formal style for work, is suitable for any area, as is the classic formal set. We can use it with the public works, offices, etc.

How is that for me?
A formal dress gives a very elegant and professional. Straight leg pants stylize black and if you give a fine picture and very suitable for your professional.

I can combine how?
The suit style has different variants; we can find different colors like brown, beige, etc.

We can play with the color of the shirt and suit the style and scope of work of each person.


  • Brown pants
  • Striped shirt
  • Bag and brown shoes

Here’s one straight leg pants and brown with a rather high waist.

The shirt is brown vertical stripes on the pants together.

The bag is medium large earth-colored with gold buckles and shoes with a heel joint means.

When I can use?
We can use it for work, if we complement it with a brown jacket would get a formal suit with a touch dynamic created by the vertical lines.

How is that for me?
Straight leg pants and high waisted we stylize the lower body. To compensate for the upper vertical lines are ideal for styling also part of the torso.

Medium heel shoes (5 or 6 cm) will be great for work, as they are more nimble and have more mobility and a more comfortable style while the figure.

The bag is perfect as it is of medium size and convenient to store everything you need.

I can combine how?
To adapt the set to a more formal style can change the color of the shirt and combine in other colors.

We use a small scarf tied around the neck of a light color like pink suit that takes a lot this season and break the monotony of the range of browns.

After seeing the two sets of formal style, give way to more informal.


  • Black pants
  • Jersey black turtleneck
  • Black shoes
  • Supplement

Style to go to work (part-2)

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