Style for weekend (part-1)



In this picture we see a straight leg black pants and a sleeveless blouse with small ruffles on the chest area. The bag is small, partying, satiny decorations. The high-heeled shoes, black closed.

When I can use?
This set is ideal for a night out, is very elegant. We can use it for a dinner; go to a show, theater, events.

How is that for me?
The blouse gives us the breast volume due to the flyers. Styling the abdomen because it is closer (without belt) and uses dark colors.

Ideal for hiding a small chest and the abdomen styling.

All pants similar to photography we stylize the legs, is a good option to see us higher.

High-heeled shoes complement the function of our pants. The bag is suitable for a night out favors since being small volume does not cause any area.


I can combine how?

We can change the color of brown trousers like the blouse, but we must keep in mind that the color black is more likely to combine. The color of the shirt can be any as there are an infinite number of colors that look good.

In this type of blouse is not advisable to put a belt as the wheel and take a long match.

We can combine it with earrings, ring or bracelet for a touch more sophisticated.

Shoes may be black, brown and gold.

  • Black pencil skirt
  • Black shirt
  • Green Scarf
  • Black shoes

This set consists of a tube or a pencil skirt for the knees. The shirt is black semi-fitted. In this picture we see a green scarf pistachio and black shoes.

When I can use?
It is a formal style to go out at night, is a classic but modern. The touch of the scarf gives it a more striking and breaking the monotony of black counteracting gravity.

It is suitable for formal events or serious leisure places.

How is that for me?
The pencil skirt enhances the female figure giving the effect of reinforcing a narrow waist and hips. If you are a bit wide hips using a dark color like black.

The black shirt is flattering as it is dark and gives us no volume, but quite the opposite.

Black shoes and stylized figure we have a high heel and to choose a bag would be perfect for small or medium-small black color. Set monochrome black colored shapes your figure in general, visually makes us thinner.


I can combine How?
The set without the scarf is a classic style, elegant and know with certainty that you will not fail. We can combine the skirt with any shade of shirt or blouse. If we use a single color can play together and complement the ensemble with a scarf for a touch more dynamic. Shoes can be the overall color or scarf like the bag.

If we are not favored with a scarf can use a thin cloth or a collar, bearing in mind that in case the collar assembly is transformed into something more casual.

After we see two formal sets two more informal styles

  • Jeans
  • T mustard
  • Black belt
  • Black beret
  • Black handbag
  • Black shoes

Style for weekend (part-2)

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