Style for important occasions (Wedding)

Style for important

What should I wear to a wedding?
This is one of the most common questions that we get when people hear the word “wedding.”

The first thing to consider is whether the couple do some kind of indication on the label required, typically if so specified in the invitation card.

Another thing to consider is the place date and time.

Where is the wedding?
We must know if done at a banquet or a wedding luxurious informal.

The place is held also indicates the weather there, so we know that style of clothes we wear.

What day is it celebrated?
The date will help us know the suit or dress because you do not choose a dress the same January to July.

What time is it?
The time we determine what kind of accessories to carry, as it should be the suit or dress, as her hair and makeup.

What style of colors should I use?
We should not use colors like black or white; since black is assigned to go in black and white could take prominence to the bride makeup .

That does not mean we can not take anything of this color but always in combination with other bright colors that break with the uniform tone.

Tomorrow Style
If it’s morning dress should be short.
Late night style
The late afternoon weddings are more complicated, as the banquet dinner will be provided but the ceremony can be at 6 pm, not too short dresses aconsejaos but not long at all as if it were night.

Style night
If the ceremony is at night (half past eight or nine) long.
What supplements should I use?

  • Always simple, a good choice is the pearls.
  • Heel shoes always.
  • The bags always small, whether or not labor.
  • If it is cold we wear a coat to his feet.
  • What should I know?
  • When the ceremony or the banquet held in remote locations is very practical to include a small plane that signaled the way to go.
  • Invitations are sent at least six weeks in advance to give guests a time to prepare.
  • Those who receive the invitation should send a gift whether you attend or not.
  • When we go to visit a newly married couple whose wedding we attended no right is to bring a gift valued at less than the fact that we have been present at the ceremony.

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