Re-structuring treatment for hair

Re-structuring treatment for hair

Perhaps the dullness, dryness and fragility of the tips are the issues that most concern us, especially if we opted to preserve a long mane.

What causes the hair to do this in a bad state?
In summer, the sun and the beach and in winter, cold and wind, are usually the most common causes that tend to generate these results.

Although not the only ones, this must be added not too balanced diet, stress, and sports like swimming throughout the winter gives us a more intense exposure to chlorine and if we practice the sky, cold and exposure to the sun projected onto the snow is pretty aggressive for the hair.

So much for natural agents, but the coloring treatment, the straightening and curly hair techniques, although they were made with first quality products, in some cases, leave as a result, more hair dull, dry and brittle.

The use of straightening irons, curling tongs and excessive heat the dryer also like our hair.

For all this, monitor the health of our hair and the first sign of fatigue capillary have to get down to work and repair the damage to continue wearing your hair healthy and shiny without having to use scissors.

What steps are important?
As a first step, hydration is very important in the hair, you should start by hydration internally, drinking water is very important, not only serves to apply external products, drink 2 liters of water and a proper diet rich in fruits and vegetables is essential.

If externally does not help fix this moisture is evaporated, so we have to provide products that help keep the mantle called hydrolipid scalp conditioners are creating a film around the hair shaft cuticle and smoothing the retaining moisture.

The intake of multivitamins is an ideal complement to the application of hair treatments.

Washing is very important for good hair health, choose the suitable shampoo for each type, trying to damage as little as possible and to provide the necessary nutrients, it will apply the same product if your hair is normal, dry or oily.

A wrong choice will ruin all our efforts to keep it nice.
The rinse washing is essential because if we leave soap residue, it will mate, matted and may eventually generate a problem of fat or irritation on the scalp.

The correct application of the masks is very important, respecting the time of exposure, which will vary between one product and others.

Every product needs a different routine and should be followed carefully to achieve one hundred percent efficiency.

Protect your hair when outdoor activities involving overexposure to sun and cold, with a hat or scarf will prevent excessive dehydration.

If, despite these guidelines, we have not arrived on time and our hair has suffered a significant decline today and has a solution.

Treatments on the market that fill those cracks were generated in the structure of hair.

What products are best?
Kerastase signature to a treatment called Kerathermie marketed, it is a long-term intensive treatment, used to renovate the structure of the hair fiber, it provides nutrients that penetrate deep in the hair, sealing plates by a special that leaves them trapped inside, filling the root to tip.

If the problem is dry a few drops of serum on the ends, they will improve the appearance and strength of hair.

If despite all the tips are very open, your only option is to cut them.

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