Maybelline Prices By Francesca Camps

Maybelline Prices

Prices for # 1 brand of makeup worldwide, Maybelline New York and his special philosophy based on helping women feel more beautiful by enhancing their individuality and power, represent a solid basis for the overwhelming success of Maybelline, which adopted New York as a surname in 2004.

That year, the brand returned to reinvent itself by incorporating elements such as size, shape and success of the city. This new attitude and look, combined with technologically advanced formulas and experience the latest makeup trends to create advanced and accessible, have given rise to a whole new series of very practical products with an urban twist that has caught on strong the habits of today’s woman of any age that have, wherever they live.

We present the latest developments for Maybelline as always seduced by its effective results and its prices irresistible. It has never been easier makeup and renews our beauty products without the slightest remorse.

Dream Satine Fluid
The key to the foundation of the Dream range is that it provides a very light skin while covering imperfections and smooth giving the face of extreme softness. It € 12.99.

Multiply your lashes
Made with Prokeratina & Fiber mascara Eyelashes effect multiplied by the volume of nine tabs in a single pass. This classic Maybelline NY applies smoothly and safely withstand all day. The mask is selling in Spain (Source Nielsen YTD Volume 2010 P5). The price is € 10.99.

Dream Touch bluh
A new concept of textured cream blush coverage and exceptional brightness. Made with an elastomer-based formula and 30% of moisturizer contains the finest color pigments. Should be applied with the fingers extending looking to draw a slight arc from ear to nose. It costs € 8.99.

Creamy Dream
Its texture becomes creamy sound with a touch.
The secret of its formula on the one hand, elastomers provide elasticity for a light texture that does not weigh on the skin, on the other hand, 30% of moisturizer. It can be applied with either latex sponge pack which includes, or with the fingertips, in the same way as it applies moisturizer, that is, from the inside out. The price is € 10.99.

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