Makeup for success

Makeup for success

Surely you’ve ever attended a party with a wonderful dress, you sat perfectly, but thought there was something wrong, you were not perfect and did not know how to shine, to be the star of the place and light your look, with your presence. Well, here I present a proposal that this situation never happens again.

Your Skin Makes a Difference
For a good make-up of spectacular results the first thing to note is that our skin has to be splendid. For that we must nurture and care for us aware of every day.

The skin needs to be cleaned up with special products, like milk foams. and we have to use products suitable for sampling skin type (dry, mixed fat). Always after cleaning must be toned.

And although we think it is a mere important step we must know that by cleaning the skin’s natural pH is destabilized and if we do not use tonic takes about four hours to recover, so the pores are more open and external agents, such as pollution, like our skin, getting dirt in the pores and making us shine out, black dots.

After cleansing and toning should nourish and moisturize, this will make our skin look healthy and also prevent wrinkles and leave us we mark the lines.

It is important to repeat this action twice a day, morning and evening so that our skin is at its best.

The Basis of Make-Up Base Results
We find different types of bases makeup , fluid, cream, illuminating, mates.

A fluid foundation is super natural, but it is important that we made up with a base of the tone of our skin, (if we look more brown powder is better that we apply sun, it is more natural and flattering).

We recommend using bases with illuminating, if you mix your little resemblance opaque illuminator base, gives the face a lot of light without producing glare (cream illuminators are easier to apply and to have that look of texture give hydration to your face).

Dazzle to your look
The eyes must be perfectly made up, but there should be cuts, remember that this makeup look with a touch of light, uniformity, equilibrium.

Above all we must take care with the editors, are super natural fluids, but do not cover as much as correcting cream, but the latter are more dense and if we are not careful in applying can mark the lines. This can avoid putting small quantities and even it out and even if we can mix is very dry with a little moisturizer to reduce the thickness.

The shadows are to be pearly, high-gloss, to illuminate the eye.

Outlines the lash line but helping a brush shade biased, and cut it out well.

In the mobile eye shadow applied pearly or iridescent, with a light color like pinks, blues, fixed on the eyelid verdes. Y applies a white shadow with great brilliance, will give you light, will give volume to the eye and raise the eyebrow giving expression to your eyes. And the shadow fades toward the temples, but still cuts, to get a very natural and enlarge the eyes.

Curl the lashes, and mark them with a black mask from roots to tips and pat lashes of the lower eyelid.

A touch of color to your cheeks
Apply a rosy tone to your cheeks by applying a cream blush is brighter and thus able to avoid the powder textures that keep us from that glow that we seek.

Apply a pat with fingertips and out well, (remember we run away from the cuts).

Refine free rate
While it is true that for a makeup last longer it is best to apply loose translucent powder. However, in this type of makeup you are looking for is light and if we apply these powders lose the light of the face, so use loose powder pigments containing illuminators, get set unqualified.

A Boca Irresistible
The mouth is the end point of this makeup; apply a gloss with a tone very natural, almost colorless, which only brings light to the face.

It is better that you know do not delineate the cuts are not recommended in this type of makeup.

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