Makeup at night and party step


During the night all the light around us is artificial and low intensity artificial light color, so when do a makeup at night will do more intense.

When doing makeup must take into account the light that will be worn.

For makeup at night you can choose dark colors, bright textures to get the most glamorous and sophisticated look.

Do not cut and shines, triumph flare reveal translucent skin.

The star is gold tone in both makeup and dresses and accessories. The light is very important because this will change the outcome of makeup.

If we make a makeup day, this will be in softer tones, natural and fine texture as the light of day would you notice any excess makeup, so the natural look.

The importance of preparing the skin
Before starting to apply a base cream makeup, this can be a moisturizer or makeup Preben we can even mix with a flash of beauty for special occasions.

We’ll let the skin rest a few minutes for the product is absorbed.

Corrects imperfections
All pigmentation problems are worked before the base. If there are imperfections such as blemishes, pimples on the face, etc, cover them with proper covering paste and apply a more natural and fluid in the eye area, and that if we put a very thick, the gesture would be marked lines expression.

We use the same correction fluid in a lighter shade than the skin, to soften all the features that can harden a woman.

Unifies the bottom
In the market find a great variety of backgrounds of different texture and makeup of coverage: for mature skin, fat, etc.. Choose one depending on the needs of the skin.

A Touch of Health
If we take a fresh look to the skin we can choose a cream blush. This is applied before to qualify as belonging to the family of acids. The cream blush is ideal for seniors and dry skin.

Fixed naturally
We will post all the base with a translucent powder to get a natural skin and not too matte. No work will apply the powder with a light touch Sluc brush.

If we want to give more color modeling apply a bronzer face, neck and chest. So get an even skin tone with the body.

Eyes, the protagonists
In the eyes apply a base shadow in a tone light and dark color chosen under the eye will mark a point limit, in line with lower eye.

Also applies this same tone in the birth of tabs blurred by the basin area or eye shadow and highlighting the point of intensity.

The current point is an imaginary point in crossing the line with lower eye line of the basin of this.

We will review the lash line to achieve a more intense look, this line can be done with a gradient shade to achieve the halftone.

If we enlarge the eye will leave the line open slightly at the end.

Scandal tabs
Apply heavy mascara, eliminating any lumps with a spiral clean and giving them the desired shape.

If we get a tearing eye will not apply to lower lashes, as they rounded the eye.

The eyebrows are a lot of expression to look at the correct, if necessary, fill any holes and stretch their limbs.

And finally a sensual lip
When applying eyeliner smeared it into the lip, apply a lip in the same tone, the note should not throw profiling.

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