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Although its name sounds you and reminds you to areas of polygons, Kiko Make up Milano is a brand of cosmetics and makeup with a great Italian quality and incredible prices. Did you wrong? Have few stores in Spain, in Barcelona, Madrid, Murcia, Malaga and Zaragoza.

Be warned, when you see your label you will see figures “in euro” in many of them and perhaps confused with a typical Chinese or an old bazaar shop “around 100”. But when you try all the products you will see for yourself the quality of them all, containing a comparable amount of pigment to the other makes prices much higher and its setting is amazing.

Sure you’ll become a fan!Kiko Make Up Milano offers a complete range of products (including cosmetic treatments) designed to provide you with professional results that you will not be dissatisfied.

Kiko Make

Their lines vary with colors inspired by the latest trends in fashion and makeup and other more elaborate and sophisticated makeup at night, you’ll find perfect for women like you who love fashion and personal beauty, but yes, no spend more than necessary for these whims. In addition, clients expand their market as having a star of its lines for mature skin products that are perfectly suited to this type of skin and specially designed to correct, treat and beautify.

Their keys to success, they are basically two: the first is its colors, which contain a high impact pigment will allow you to combine and blur of thousands of different ways. And the second is its great source of inspiration: Milan, one of the fashion capitals of excellence where you create each season’s trends and colors that you wear every year. In short, for a good price trend and is why this brand wins every day in our country.

Of course, I advise you when you find a shop buy Kiko Make up Milano head, it is impossible not to leave with multiple purchases of their products. And that is all that is necessary for your make-up bag so you can find at these locations: colors, finishes and textures everywhere.

It’s a shame they do not have online store, let us pray that soon put to work! Meanwhile, we will always have their catalog on their website, you know, to whet your mouth…

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