How to sell Mary Kay By Francesca Camps

How to sell Mary Kay

“Imagine a company in which any woman could be as successful as I wanted to be. The doors would be open to opportunity for women who were willing to pay the price and have the courage to dream, “said Mary Kay when asked about his company and its system of selling products by catalog, a system that, in order to accounts and changed the course of its history and the thousands of women worldwide.

Mary Kay Ash’s American born in Texas in 1918 and from a very young man entered the world of direct sales, was successful and worked for several companies from 1930 to 1960. Fed up of not decide to start his own company in 1963, writing a book about the industry that ends up as a business plan to create your own company. With a small investment of $ 5,000 based Beauty by Mary Kay with her 20 year old son in a small venue in Dallas.

His peculiar view of business included, as motivational tools, prizes for best sellers, like diamonds, all expenses paid trips to Europe or a pink Cadillac which achieved record breaking sales.

A foolproof system of motivation that explains why and how to sell Mary Kay products.

How to win the Mary Kay pink car
Mary Kay Inc. now has 1.7 million independent beauty consultants in 35 countries. It is one of the largest cosmetic companies and how they distribute their products is multilevel or network marketing, with numbers of sales in 2008 amounted to 2,600 million. Today, Mary Kay is still a great company that continues to provide a business opportunity for thousands of women around the world.

For those interested in earning an income without compromising their normal duties, I recommend a guided tour through the find all the information where the process for selling Mary Kay products, meet its catalogs, its philosophy based on solidarity, their offers and above all, its rewards in Spain consist of a wonderful car always pink, the color of their sales success and philosophy of life of a great and generous business woman.

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