How To Renew Your Hairstyle

How To Renew Your Hairstyle

No doubt a change in the style of hair, color or cut is the fastest way for a makeover, follow these tips.

Change color
Ask your barber or stylist what shade looks good on you for your current color and personal style, a good trick is to dye the color lighter or darker your natural color, you will notice a change but not radical, it is important to remember that to ask advice from a professional if you have not previously had!

Reflections to frame your face
If you do not dare to radical color change, can give you some reflections, will give an appearance of volume to the hair and also bring light to your face.

Brighten your hair
If you like the color of your hair and do not want change, revive your natural color with a bath of glitter, you’ll see how it shows!

Tip: Keep in mind that coloring your hair dyed means keeping at least once every month or month and a half.

Change your hairstyle
This weekend quietly, try different hairstyles and choose a new one, follow these tips:

If you have straight hair…
Get a rizate rollers or hair with the dryer and round brush! You will be very natural waves and fashionable, use curling foam to give more volume to the hair and help it better set the wave.

If you have curly hair.
Try alisartelo your home, apply a smoothing product that is not aggressive and secatelo hair with a round brush to make the hair completely straight, Get a side parting and apply a little wax hair at the ends to secure you’ll see that change!

If your hair is very curly.
Try the prior art but instead of leaving it completely smooth, let it curl naturally this kind of hairstyle is trendy!

If you always wear your hair down..
Try to make a pickup or a ponytail, please see the hairstyles of the season.

If you always wear her hair up.
Try dejartelo loose, if you feel uncomfortable using a headset, the finite are very fashionable and you remove the hair from your face so you’ll be very comfortable.

Dare to change your court!
Check with your hairdresser and try a different style that suits your face shape, you have to cut your hair drastically to change image, shape the hair in your own long enough.

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