Home Treatments for hair



The hair is damaged and weakened by the continued use of the dryer, the caps of the pools, chlorine, brush, comb inadequate, pollution, etc… We do not realize, but the hair is suffering every day and deteriorates.

In the market there are many options and treatments for damaged hair, and are usually very effective.

However, today we are going to propose some home treatments for hair, so you can make them at home and save a little economics. Most natural products for the treatment of hair are easy to find and the result is very effective.

Restorative Mask. You need olive oil (150 cc), a lemon (the juice, strained well so that there is no pulp) and honey (100 cc). Mix all ingredients until all is emulsified and let it sit a few minutes.

Apply this cream directly on the hair in the direction from root to tip. For this natural treatment for damaged hair to take effect you must quit acting half hour. Use a plastic cap and wrap up with a towel. You can then wash as normal and remove the entire mask.

Depending on the state of your hair; you should apply more or less frequently. If the damage is severe, use it three times a week.

Olive mask. Ingredients: one tablespoon of olive oil, two of mayonnaise and egg. Mix well until all ingredients are well integrated with each other. This natural treatment for hair you have to leave it on half an hour and then wash normally. You can use it once a week.

Natural products are great allies in the home treatments for damaged hair. You can use nutrient-rich oils such as coconut, avocado or olive. Egg mayonnaise and leave hair soft, but not smell good, so you have to insist after the shampoo to remove the smell, and you can use your regular conditioner. To achieve that natural treatments act more effectively you can apply a little massage on the scalp while scattered throughout the hair.

And remember that it is always best to prevent and avoid excessive fatigue hair. Try to avoid the intense sun and swimming pools products. Reduce the maximum dryer and iron. Use brushes and combs suited to your hair type (straight or curly), to avoid breakage.

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