History of beauty and beginnings of beauty

History of beauty

Here we see the origin of the history of beauty and how our ancestors used raw materials at their disposal to create your own cosmetics.

In prehistoric times.
From this period we have very little information in order to speak accurately; we can speak of his artistic concerns reflected in numerous paintings.

Paleolithic painters knew and dyes used in diluted acids and excipients that have been preserved fossilized. These pigments make us think they were used to decorate her face and body.

They have uncovered remains of antimony sulfide, ocher paste tubes and various household junk that makes us think that served to beauty treatments.

In Mesopotamia.
The sources are quite limited. The ideal of beauty at the time were expensive thin-skinned, light hair and eyebrows black and long.

We know that produce different types of perfumes. Their mythology tells us that the goddess Ishtar touched up his eyes to bring his charm to hell. Her eyes widened and highlighted with kohl, a mask based on antimony. (Also used in the present).They also used similar products such as polo and gold, red and kalu Illera. Eyebrows painted them in a single stroke.

Also practiced waxing and nail care, teeth and ears.

In Palestine
To speak of Palestine must take into account the influences Persia and Egypt, which awakened his love of perfumes and cosmetics.

The main source we have a long history book is “The Bilblia” and especially the Old Testament, we find great information on beauty treatments in this town.

The feminine ideal of the time was long neck, round eyes, black hair, red lips and white teeth.

The vast fertile land, made available a large amount of raw materials that grew spontaneously as mastic, saffron, henna, aloe. etc.

She painted her eyes with kohl. Based powders used henna to stain their cheeks red and orange-red. Used to soften skin ointments, oils, perfumes, washing using soap or alkali potassium compound extracted from the plant ash and beech.

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