Highlight and getting the ideal face editing

Highlight and getting

With the art of makeup and retouching can give extra value to the beauty of nature. For this is important to handle as facial features and style of the person to go to make up, otherwise, do not exploit the most of this great tool.

The secret is viewed individually and as a whole aspect of the face. First, test each area with what he will and then check the mix with the face and the clothes will go.

Healthy Skin

In general, for every process you need a foundation and makeup is no exception. The cosmetics will not do you any good if you do not have a prepared skin, healthy and well hydrated. Remember that these products are complements, not miracles.

Apply a moisturizer appropriate to skin type. The skin under the eyes is very delicate so you should apply a special cream for the eye area.


The base is used to cover blemishes and skin tone to create a level, but to work, you must find the right tone. If you want to brighten skin, it is best to use a lighter shade on the light points of the face, this will also help to illuminate model.

The key to finding the perfect foundation is not only required to find the color but also the right tone, in the signatures of professional makeup, find shades of base, more pink to the northernmost or yellow skin, for skin sallow. Even if you just want to correct the actual pitch of the person would use the opposite to contrast. When you find the right foundation, you should see almost nothing at the time of application.


How we can apply the blush correcting facial modeling, if we want we can also add a touch of depth with a matte dark modeler in the sinking of the cheekbone, the ideal is that this dark blush appears at the top as degraded, uncut.


As for the eyes, the best way to highlight its beauty is by using contrast. The idea is that through the difference between your natural shade and the shade; attract attention to your eyes.

Take these tips in mind as their harmony:

  • Blue eyes. The pink and brown make your eyes look more vibrant.
  • Green eyes. A violet shade gives you a great look for evenings and nights.
  • Brown eyes. The green and gold highlights the nature of this color.


As for the lips, use a lipstick that matches your skin. If you have a warm skin tone, choose a similar tone and if it is cold, slightly lighter the better. If in doubt, experiment and see how each color adds or removes beauty to your overall look.


If you have an issue that you do not like the face, you can repair it or cover it with the help of makeup. Pay attention to the following solutions depending on the area of ​​your face.


  • Oval face. Place some natural shade darker on the sinking of the cheeks and temples for emphasis, highlighting points of light with a lighter shade.
  • Angled face. Use strong shadows in the jaw line and cheeks blush.
  • Round face. Disimulalo an extra delineated by applying blush to the cheeks and shades more intense the chin and contour the face.

Eye Area

  • Prominent eyelids. Use brown or gray shadow matte in places where they reflect light in combination with a lighter shade on the brow bone.
  • Sunken eyes. Clarifies the eyelids, using light shades and a little mask that enhances the look.
  • Eyes small. Apply mask in abundance, combined with light shades and bright.


  • Lips. Afinalos drawing a line on the inside of them with a darker tone to the skin. Use neutral color lip.
  • Thin lips. Delinealos slightly past the edge of the natural bright colors.
  • Uneven lips. Use eyeliner correcting the natural line, avoiding strong lines and doing a good blur.

Common Mistakes

  • Do not allow your moisturizer to be absorbed before applying makeup. When any type of cosmetic is applied directly to an area with cream still moist, it tends to slip and not integrate with the skin. Give at least 3 minutes of time to absorb before applying makeup, this time of absorption also depends on the product previously applied. If the skin does not absorb the product well, remove excess with a tissue to touch.
  • Choose a very light color corrector. The purpose of this product is to hide the dark areas of your face. If you choose one over too clear that the color of your skin, you’ll get quite the opposite: bring attention to that area. Therefore, make sure you buy one that matches your skin.
  • Use bright colors of makeup. There are strong shades may look good on special occasions but every day is important to know also neutral tones to choose and work, based on dark browns, pinks and beiges and that work for all skin tones and give a natural appearance without exaggeration.

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