Health and Beauty Skin

Health and Beauty Skin

We are increasingly aware of the importance of our skin is an important part of our body and we must take care to continue fulfilling its role to perfection as it is to protect, beautify and so on.

The skin reflects all our inner state, our concern is a reflection of our whole being, when we are happy we have a special “something” when we are sad our skin is off. So we must take care not only externally using products but we also take care of the inside and get a healthy, youthful skin for longer.

How can we maintain healthy, youthful skin?
To have a healthy, youthful skin we will begin to take care of from within, we have hydrated skin looking healthy and described it a few points we must consider these not only serve us to have a healthy and youthful skin but for have a healthy body is reflected in our skin.

What points should be considered?

  • Drink plenty of water: Make sure you get enough water, purifies the skin, eliminates toxins and keeps you skin hydrated from within. If it costs you and you like to drink water or juices teas is another option.
  • Taking lots of fiber: Constipation is caused by skin on skin problems; we must avoid constipation by drinking plenty of vegetables, fruit and grain products.
  • Do not abuse fats: It is important that you include in your diet without enough fat to abuse them, making olive oil, corn or sunflower oil contains vitamin E also very beneficial for the skin.
  • Many vegetables: Vegetables also have lots of fiber that will help with constipation; vitamins, minerals and water that help strengthen your defenses.
  • Many fruit: Fruit should be daily in your diet, especially those that are rich in vitamin C, help us to cell regeneration.
  • Say goodbye to snuff and alcohol: snuff and alcohol is a great enemy of the skin, produce toxins off the skin. Remember how after dawn on a night that abuse of alcohol and snuff. Your skin will be duller without light.

How to care for the skin on the outside?
Also the skin needs care outside, clean it daily with specific products for your skin and hidratala tonificala.

Weekly performs an exfoliation and a mask adapted to apply your skin.

Visit your beauty salon beautician regularly to assess your status and recommend you what your skin needs.

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