Lose 50 to 100 hairs a day is normal.
The common fur hairs are fully developed and represent the expression of a complex structure called pilosebaceous follicle. The thickness, shape, color and length vary in the human races. Also the number and color vary from person to person.

A human being has from 100,000 to 130,000 hairs. The color is defined by the predominance of a mineral, so black hair have a predominance of magnesium, chestnuts, lead, iron red. In addition to the other minerals are important substances the hair, the most important is keratin. The hair is made of fine elastic fibers and keratin protein.

Keratin is a protein substance present in the hair and nails, composed of amino acids (glutamic acid, arginine, cysteine, cystine, serine, leucine and isoleucine, glycine, tretinoin, valine). Keratinization is regulated by hormones, genetic factors and vitamins. Other substances are water, lipids and melanin.

The hair has a span of five years vide. That is, at this time the hair will be born, will grow and eventually will fall.

In addition, as information is important to know that in summer and grows more quickly in women than in men. The age of the fastest growing is between fifteen and thirty.

Anyway, the cycle is renewed constantly and hair loss is not alarming.
The hormonal changes (menopause, post-partum), stress, pollution.
Multiple factors cause hair loss.

Also, autumn is a time especially perjuicial health of hair, which tends to weaken. Only by acting in the bulb, vital center of the hair, can protect and promote the manufacture of a hair stronger and denser.

Here a few tips for the best hair care!
It is advisable to wash your hair frequently, according to the needs of people. The myth that washing your hair every day promotes hair is absolutely false.

Do not use shower gel for washing the hair, its composition is not suitable for this. The shampoo should be gentle and tailored to each hair type.

Regularmente. Este conditioners rafts or product forms a protective film that takes care of the daily hair damage hair, brushed and external aggression.

If you use hair gel should wash it every day: the hair gel itself does not lose hair, but it gets dirty. And hair clean is the first standard for healthy hair.

Protect hair from sun, although formerly thought to be wearing a hat was bad for the hair, it is not. On the contrary, it protects against UVA and UVB rays.

The hair loss treatments helps, but do miracles hair loss should be treated by a dermatologist. Yes it is true that there are lotions that can help repair, although they are based treatment.

Drying more beneficial to the hair is natural. Should first make a slight drying with a towel. Then, if the dryer is used at low power will always be free to locate in one place and respecting a safe distance. A dryer too hot on a very wet hair can be original so-called “bubble hair”.

Hairstyles are not recommended tension involving the hair; this can lead to a slow but steady hair loss.

Contrary to popular belief a haircut at “zero” does not grow more hair, so if it should clean it up regularly to keeps it looking healthy.

Another good recommendation for maintaining healthy hair is to maintain a diet low in toxins, nutrient-rich, for example, to eliminate refined sugar, reduce saturated fat intake and prefer foods like whole grains, yogurt, raw vegetables and fruits.

Food supplements are a new gesture daily beauty to help improve the look of your hair.

There are products to stem the decline and increase the volume. Products that act from the inside, such as taurine, an amino acid that is capable of acting on the hair precisely to protect and promote the manufacture of strong hair.

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