Hair treatments

Hair treatments

It will be for this, so we worry so much that our makeup is perfect (appropriate to each situation) and that our hair is not only well groomed but is also displayed in all its glory.

To get on the market an impressive array of possibilities and we choose for each problem, the most appropriate.

The most sought after treatments today are:
Hair treatments – hair loss (alopecia).
Although it was once almost exclusively performed by men, stress, poor diet and certain hormonal disorders make it one of the main enemies of the hair.

The important thing is to treat the first symptoms and performing shock treatments.

Stress causes an abnormal discharge in the scalp clogging the hair follicle (hair root), weakening it and making it drop prematurely.

The use of overly aggressive treatment products can also cause a rebound effect obtained results contrary to those desired.

Fasteners very dense and oily hair can also cause a massive drop of hair, as they cause the blockage of the hair follicle, tightening the hair shaft and weaken hair growth, accelerating its fall.

Also the use of certain drugs (cholesterol-lowering drugs, antibiotics and diuretics) favors this type of problem.

Therefore we will propose the most effective method to stem the massive fall of hair.

  • Good hygiene food rich in vitamins and nutrients (full and varied).
  • Wash and moisturize the hair with the FORCE Resistance range from Kerastase are reconstructed hair products both internally and externally.
  • Get that hair is stronger and brighter, thus more resistant to the aggression of the fall.
  • Apply an intensive, blistering anti-hair loss, blisters Laboratory PILEXIL LACER, whose formula is based on providing zinc and vitamins, designed to combat the factors that influence hair loss as well as regulate the secretion of fat.
  • Take vitamin supplements on a regular basis to provide nutrients to our hair, it contains the hair mass INNEOV pills, thanks to a unique combination of assets that deal directly with the hair bulb (taurine, green tea and Zinc).
  • Finally brush and massage the scalp to activate blood circulation.
  • With these steps to halt the fall and get a hair more healthy and vigorous.

Hair treatments

Hair treatments – against fat (seborrhea)

The problem is caused by hyper secretion of the sebaceous glands of the scalp greasing over both this and the hair itself.

One of the most annoying capillary disorders and aesthetically unpleasant.

Very difficult to combat and uncomfortable as it is primarily a cosmetic problem.

The causes are varied, poor diet, hormonal problems, nervous imbalance, pollution, stress, etc. And varies depending on whether we are in childhood, adolescence, or are adults (higher in adolescents and decreases with old age).

The hair greased by this process has a bright, catchy, heavy, difficult to comb and oxidation of fat causes bad odor.

For all this, is something that requires an immediate solution, because if you stay for a long time can cause irreparable damage to hair.

Intensive treatment we propose is as follows:

  • Avoid eating foods that are high in fat.
  • Do not brush your hair vigorously (active secretion of the sebaceous glands).
  • Wash your hair as often as necessary, leaving the fat in contact with the long hair follicle. We will do a balancing shampoo as THE BAIN CLARIFIANTE of Kerastase, which regulates excess sebum and secretion, gently exfoliates and also adds volume to hair.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water and apple cider vinegar will bring bright but not oiled and balance your scalp.
  • When combing the hair does not give too much heat to the hair root?

Hair treatments

Hair treatments – dandruff (pityriasis)
It is a scaly scalp condition, which is an accumulation of horny cells, that excessive turnover and accelerated.

Knowing the cause is quite complicated and is very annoying because it causes dry or greasy scales (by type) that cause inflammation in the scalp, itching and flaking if dry, are placed on the neck and shoulders, being quite visible to others.

The course of treatment basically consists in not harming the scalp manipulations aggressive (do not brush vigorously, do not rub).

  • Wash your hair with a neutral shampoo.
  • Apply after a lotion that does not require rinsing, SOS Elvive Anti-dandruff (L’Oreal). For more difficult cases. It is not greasy and acts effectively on the causes of dandruff, moisturize the scalp and relieves the itching and much irritation.

Hair treatments – hair against dryness

Not to be confused with dandruff, is a disorder that involves a lack of lubrication of the scalp.

Is recognized by its rough touch that causes tension and thus can lead to itching.

The hairs are dry, rough and dull.

In the stem causing damage that become porous, fragile and brittle.

The protective scales of the cuticle, usually tied together and lift open, facilitating the tangled hair (it may even cause a fall).

Treatment should consist of:

  • Wash hair with shampoo Honey Balsamic Revlon NATURAL SPA, which contains a mixture of natural essential oils and soothing agents, calming and moisturizing the scalp and protects it from irritation.
  • Apply INTENSE NUTRITION OIL Rene Furterer shea. Provides extra nutrition and thanks to this concentrated oils and vitamins, reduces the feeling of tightness in the scalp.
  • End SILK EFFECT LIQUID CRYSTAL application of Biopoint.
  • With just a few drops, it returns to the hair looking dry and matte, gloss and strength, also serves as protection against external aggressions.

Treatments for hair-on split end (tricoptilosis)

The problem is dehydration and loss of hair keratin.

Hair is a cylinder of keratin and the loss of this protein changes the strength and structure of hair causing chipping tips.

Prolonged use of different aggressive chemicals (dyes lighteners, moldeadores.etc.) Alter the hair and also cause a deficiency of this substance back hair more dry and brittle.

The way to fix this is:

  • Wash with mild shampoo with keratin re-structuring Lifetex Wella.
  • Apply after a complex re-structuring keratinous is to apply a lotion that adheres to the hair shaft plugging fissures and cracks, restoring vigor to the hair keratin LOTION restructured, Revik laboratories.
  • Cut the ends as possible damaged.
  • Do not use hair dryer or hot plates.
  • Use brushes and combs of good quality.

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