Hair Removal Creams

Hair Removal Creams


Acts on the hair air, transforming the keratin in a few minutes soft dough, plastic, which can be removed easily with a spatula or simply with water.

Waxing is a quick (5-8 minutes), painless and cofashion.

There are also special creams for sensitive skin.

With this method of hair removal the skin is not at risk of cuts and it stays soft for longer as hair growth is softer and the skin is better hydrated.

Previously, some creams irritated skin and even had an unpleasant smell, which is fixed assets to be enriched with soothing and using perfumes hiding power and stability.

Tips for hair removal depilatories:
If you exceed the recommended waiting time to fold the cream, because you can produce redness, read carefully how to use the product and keep in mind that brands may vary.

Like shaving knife, cut the hair but not uprooted, but less aggressive than this.

In turn, this hair is short-lived and slower than the blade.

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