Hair Products

Hair Products

Hair products, shampoo:

  • Neutral used for all hair types.
  • In color maintenance, prevent loss of color in dyed hair and increase the duration.
  • Balancing, return the pH of the hair if you have very damaged.
  • Against dehydration, an active ingredient that promotes water retention and increase nutrition, provide elasticity and life.
  • Volumizing, for those who have the hair thin and bodiless. Cleans and adds volume and shine.
  • Smoothing is the opposite effect, to curly and rebellious, hydrates and nourishes for easy detangling and smoothing.
  • Anti-peeling, usually anti-dandruff and acts on the particles of dead skin that can release the scalp dehydration.

Hair products, conditioners:

  • Air conditioners are used to unravel and provide shine.
  • Smoothing, provide ease and naturalness. Improve health and  beauty hair naturally.
  • Cream-gel, are indicated for dry and brittle hair, contain soothing; nourishing and hydrating also facilitate detangling.
  • Protein conditioners to hair with lack of hydration are normally used in hair with excessive dryness. Avoid frizz, add shine and softness.

Hair products face masks:

  • Bathrooms re-hydrating for damaged hair due to containing vitamins and silk proteins provide smoothness and shine.
  • Mask structural acts progressively, moisturizes and shields hair from aggressive agents.
  • Gel mask stress, reconstructs the hair, smooth the cuticles and adds shine. Provides vitality and protects the hair from the elements.

Tips to consider

  • The quality of the shampoo does not depend on the foam it produces; there are excellent shampoos that do not produce much foam.
  • If we apply too much shampoo can produce dryness and flaking.
  • Conditioner brings softness and hydration. Facilitates detangling and helps keep shine.
  • Conditioner should not be applied to lubricate the root as it may, unless the product is indicated.

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